There are various different marketing campaign tools on the market that allow you to run social media events, contests, giveaways, etc., but there aren’t many that allow you to customize your campaign to the extent that Offerpop does. Built in to the platform, Offerpop offers instant landing pages

This web-based marketing platform presents the opportunity to fully engage and interact with the consumer allowing brands to create effective marketing campaigns. Upon registering on their website, you will receive a fourteen day free trial to run the campaign of your choice. This includes; tug of war, sign up, referral, photo contest, fan faves, exclusive, and many more for Facebook and various other campaigns for Twitter. The best part about Offerpop, is it’s extremely easy to use!

After logging in, you will be brought to your dashboard, which lists all of the possible campaigns available for Facebook and Twitter. From there you simply choose the type of social media campaign you’re interested in running and enter in the necessary information, select fields for a sign up form, and bada-boom. Launch your social media campaign, engage with your consumers, and watch your statistics grow.

What sets Offerpop away from its competitors, is the wide variety of campaigns, extremely user-friendly dashboard, and their competitive pricing.