Here is a great case study of a small business owner in New York who is reaping the benefits of hiring an internet marketing company to perform SEO on his e-commerce site. Jay Greenstein of Rag New York, a t-shirt company that has multiple stores throughout the greater New York City area, was recently featured in the NY Daily News after his firm hired an SEO company. Rag New York had developed an e-commerce site in hopes of selling their NYC logo shirts and apperal online. But with minimal traffic finding the site Jay realized that he had to do something to bolster the sales. So the company engaged an internet marketing company to help better optimize them online for their keywords. After the SEO company optimized his site they began to rank for search terms that matched their product line, like “NYPD t-shirts”. Online Sales exploded and went from $2,000/month to as high as $12,000! Jay says that the average sales from his site are about $8,000! This is four times what he was selling previously. The optimization cost his company around $30,000 and he pays a $1,000 monthly fee to keep optimized and ranking for his many competitive keywords.

This is a great example of how a small business owner is breaking away from the pack and aggressively going after potential customers. Looking to the future, Jay will enjoy over $100,000 dollars of sales coming to his site on less than a $1,000/month investment in online SEO. There’s no doubt that the extra income has helped Jay’s business. This is a great example of how SEO can benefit small businesses.