It’s 2013 and just like many of us have New Year’s resolutions for cutting down weight, we should be applying the same thinking to our PPC campaigns. With the New Year starting, now is the time to get into a routine that will help improve your campaign’s overall performance. Much like how different exercises work on different areas of your body, there are different reports available to you in Adwords that will develop your campaign into a fit and well-oiled machine.

Day Parting Reports
Under the dimensions tab in Adwords, you can view how users are engaging with your ads by breaking down metrics by Day of Week, Week, Month, Quarter, Year and Hour of the Day. Adwords will display the reports in the Adwords interface and will allow you to export the reports in an excel file. Run these reports consistently and they will improve your campaign’s performance by eliminating days of the week or hours of the day that are either not bringing in traffic or producing any conversions. You can choose to remove those days or hours completely or set incremental bids to lower or increase bids at specific days of the week or hours of the day.

User’s Location Reports
Much like you can view metrics by the day of the week, you can view the user’s location within the same dimensions tab in Adwords. You can view the user’s locations in the Adwords interface but I highly suggest exporting the report in an excel file for an efficient analysis of the data. It is a great opportunity to cut down on unwanted spending by excluding locations that are not producing clicks and conversions. Analyze the data and in the campaign level, edit location options to exclude those areas in Adwords so ads do not show up in locations that are not producing results. This is a must for geo-targeted campaigns targeted to specific areas.

Searched Terms Report
The Searched Terms Report is one of my favorite reports to dive into and one of the most important reports Adwords has to offer that you should be paying attention to. This is the area where the searched terms triggering ads are shown. The Searched Terms Report can be found under the Keywords Tab and selecting “Keyword Details” in Adwords. It is critical to check on this report regularly for a number of different areas of improvement in the campaign. It is a bit time consuming and tedious, but take the time to view what searched terms are triggering ads in your pay per click campaign. From the Adwords interface you can exclude keywords that are irrelevant, have a high number of clicks and low impressions or aren’t producing any conversions. You may come across keywords that are triggering adgroups that are irrelevant, which is an indicator to either add the keyword to the correct adgroup or you may have a misplaced keyword in a wrong adgroup. Correcting this issue will improve the quality of the keyword and improve the relevance of the associated ad for the user. Displaying the correct ad text for a keyword can be the solution for low click through rates and no conversions. Just as you can exclude keywords from the Searched Term Report, you can add relevant keywords to your campaign that are bringing in qualified traffic and producing conversions.

Segment Devices Report
From the campaign level, you can segment metrics by the types of devices: computers, mobile devices with full browsers and tablets with full browsers. From here, you can make the decision to exclude devices that are performing poorly or include devices that are producing wanted results. In some campaigns, a mobile or a tablet device may not be the best option but there are instances where you should take advantage of devices that are performing well. In this case, build out separate campaigns specifically targeting devices to fully take advantage of this situation.