With the latest penguin update, the relationship of backlinks pointing to one another has been the latest stir in news as website owners are scrambling to remove links that they deem as more hurtful to their website than good.  With links from spammy, irrelevant, bad neighborhood, paid links, blog rolls, link farms, etc., the ability to now disavow links from your website is a great link management resource for website owners to now have control over.  This type of tool has been on the most wanted list of website owners and SEO’s with the release of Google’s Penguin update earlier this year…except it was first released by the not so popular search engine Bing.



Bing recently released a new resource in its Bing Webmaster Tools allowing website owners the ability to disavow backlinks.  Trying to grab a foothold in the search engine marketplace with the launch of their new user-friendly interface of its webmaster tools last month, this gives website owners the ability to take control over their backlinks and to disavow certain backlinks they do not want associated with their website.  But don’t expect huge jumps in rankings because of this addition, as backlinks are just one of many factors in Bing’s algorithm.

This tool not only helps web owners but also helps Bing understand relationships between websites.  When you disavow a link, this sends an alert to Bing that you do not want to be associated with that website.  If a great number of web owners are disavowing certain sites, this is an indication to Bing to take a closer look into that site and determine why web owners do not want to be associated with it.



Could this be some marketing ploy by Bing to temporarily gain some popularity by SEO’s and webmasters or are they trying to secure their future in search engine market share? According to a recent study by Experian Hitwise, as of May 2012 Google had 65% of the search engine market share with Bing having 28%, an increase of 5% from the previous year.  Slowly Bing has been catching up on the heels of Google and with Google shooting itself in the foot with updates, de-valuing sites and leaving organic results in ruins…Bing is taking advantage of the situation by giving the people want they want.  But by giving people what they want and too much control, will it be taken advantage of by gaining “questionable links” and disavowing links that caused droppings in rankings and authority?  Most definitely yes they will.

So will Google follow in the footsteps of Bing and release something similar?  This is a great feature but with more work done to it, it could be a great addition to Google Webmaster Tools.  Unlike how Google Webmaster Tools display backlinks, the biggest downfall of this tool is that it doesn’t display incoming links to your domain.  You have to enter websites manually, which can be a timely project if you have a huge list of backlinks to disavow.

If you are not sure how to pull backlinks, you can use SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools or for a full in-depth backlink profile, use Majestic SEO.