Twitter recently advanced its already growing media business, advertising and social platform, by opening the door for more effective branding; and companies are lining up to take advantage. Twitter has been expanding on their ‘Twitter Cards’ program regularly and the latest iterations of Cards allow brand to take advantage of these great features from a branding perspective.

In March, Twitter rolled out new interactive features for its users including the ability to:Dove-4-image-tweet

  • Add up to 4 photos in a single tweet
  • Tag up to 10 people in Twitter photos
  • Receive a notification when tagged
  • Utilize a one-click-play option for videos

Since the launch of this update, brands have been experimenting in new creative ways. Many are generating unique mosaics for a more compelling visual. By creating miniature stories through pictures, brands are able to directly showcase their value in new ways. Digital brands can take advantage of this opportunity by:

  • Creating mini-storyboards
  • How-to-guides
  • Event promotions
  • Content previewsGE-4-image-tweet

Digital professionals working with brands on Twitter are featuring more user-generated content than ever before. From fans, shout-outs and events, brands are able to utilize their audience’s social interactions through these pictures and short videos. With the evolution of Twitter, brands can give audiences more captivating stories and interact with their followers on a more personal level.

Current Branding

Since the update, branding has been more colorful, interactive and social than ever before. With the new features, comes an innovative and socially geared Twitter-sphere.

New Video Sharing

With May’s new video feature, brands like Spotify have taken advantage of the one-click video friendly Twitter format. The one click option allows brands brief and effective interactive stories for audiences Spotify-video-tweetscrolling through their Twitter feed.

Based upon the large influx of brands employing the feature, giving users a one-click option for embedded videos within tweets is a desirable vehicle to promote upcoming products, services and events. Since the feature is reserved for mobile users, the one click video capabilities could potentially increase brands’ mobile traffic; an aspect most brands are looking to increase.

While there are only short videos featured now, the future promises more for brands and advertisers alike. Video is becoming an integral part of our everyday social media interactions. There are 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter every minute, according to YouTube’s Playbook for Brands. With these astonishing numbers, social media platforms and branding, need to adapt for up-and-coming public interest. Soon, even more video options will become available for PR professionals, marketers and advertisers via Twitter as they expand the potential advertiser base.

Future of Twitter Branding

Twitter continues to adapt, based on the ever-changing needs of digital professionals and marketers advancing their respective brands. With more compelling visuals and the ability to not only tweet at a contributor or fan, Twitter is progressing toward a more interactive media platform.

The ability to communicate more with users on Twitter without going over 140 characters is extremely relevant for digital professionals’ branding opportunities. Without changing a single character, brands can amplify the amount of visuals, activity-space, and people they are able to reach out to. Through corporate and audience-generated media, brands have the ability to feature themselves in a more creative and personal way. By adding more photo and video capabilities, brands can interact with their audiences within a more inclusive and personal Twitter-sphere.