I speak with business owners every day about the importance of search marketing and having strong social media presence. Some get it, some don’t, but inevitably Twitter is the social network people understand the least and thus, underutilize the most. If this sounds like you and your business, pay attention to this post as it might change your strategy in a hurry.

A Deal is struck

In early February, Google and Twitter announced a partnership in which Google will be displaying a live feed of tweets on the search engine results pages. They expect to start rolling out this feature here in the first half of 2015. Google will now have instant access to Twitter’s live data stream where in the past few years; it had to crawl Twitter for the info just like every other site.

If this sounds familiar to some, it should. There was a similar partnership between Google and Twitter from 2009-2011. The then-Twitter COO allowed the contract to expire because it was rumored he wanted more control over the social network’s content. Twitter’s current CEO, Dick Costolo, sees things a bit differently. He wants to get as many eyeballs as possible on the site’s content, especially logged-out members and non-Twitter-ers, as user growth has begun to slow. It also opens up new advertising opportunities for businesses that may have previously not seen Twitter as a viable option for their online advertising dollars.

What will the search engine results page look like?

How the tweets are going to be displayed on the SERPs is yet to be seen. Will Twitter have it’s own knowledge graph, of sorts, displaying the most current tweets that answer the search query? Will there be a “Hot Tweets” or “Top Tweets” feature, which may prevent showing duplicate or retweets? We’ll find out soon enough.

What does this mean for my business?

What this means for you, the business owner/CMO/Marketing Manager that has been neglecting the “Twitter machine,” is that you may soon be able to get your message seen by a previously “untapped” audience. Already have good organic or paid placements? This is going to allow your business to occupy even more of that coveted SERP real estate. In order to capitalize on this potential new visibility, you better have a great understanding of your audience. Get a good grip on what your clients/customers will be Googling and compose tweets throughout the day, directed specifically at that subset of people. Compose tweets letting your potential customers know about a new or upcoming sale. Maybe you have a new and exciting product or service? Tell your future customer about it. Give them links to your latest blog post (hopefully you’re blogging!). Share a new client testimonial.

If your company has been neglecting or underutilizing Twitter, now is the time to develop and implement a winning strategy. The marketing possibilities of this are ENDLESS…140 characters at a time.