We. Love. Animals. Whether they are ours or someone else’s, they are welcomed into our office with open arms and hands holding treats. Pets are not of short supply around here and you can often find one if not more, waiting for you at the door on any given day. To give you an inside look at some of our furry helpers, I present to you our most valued employees.

El Presidente — Chester Canarelli

chester the dog

Chester was named by his mommy after the dog in her favorite childhood movie “The Kid”. Chester Cheeto is an adopted pupper that is a Yellow Lab and Beagle mix. Chester is an active dog who loves to cuddle and eat peanut butter. He likes to play with his big fluffy toys and run circles around the office in his free time. Chester really enjoys entertaining and loving on the people in the office when Mike brings him in to play.

The QB — Brady Self

brady the dog

Very well known in the office is Brady, a Yorkie Poo, named after the quarterback Tom Brady. Brady fulfills his duties when he comes to the office by tugging on his rope toy and running around the office with his blanket. Being the great athlete that he is, Brady loves to chase after the other dogs in the office. Brady loves when his dad Matt brings him in because that means extra treats and more cuddles!

The Protector — Scrappy Emig

Scrappy the dog

Scrappy was given his name before he was adopted by our very own Justin Emig. Scrappy is a Bischon Poodle and a very protective dog who loves spending all of his time by his dad’s side or on his dad’s lap. A couple of his favorite treats are animal crackers and grilled chicken. Scrappy can walk on his back legs like a human and loves to impress the office with his talents. Full of fluff, Scrappy is the best little body guard. No need to fear, Scrappy is here!

The Mailman’s Worst Nightmare — Marco Carboni

marco the dog

Marco comes into the office fairly regularly to check in on the team and make sure we are getting as many links as we can. Marco is a Shepherd and Hound mix that loves to play. Just like a lot of the other dogs in the office, Ray rescued Marco, but maybe it really was the other way around. Marco likes to eat, sleep, run and growl at imaginary things outside the window. He has many favorite treats: deer antler bones, stuffed animals, drywall and pretty much anything plastic, like remotes makes up just a few. He is most known in the office for stealing Chipotle burritos and growling at the mailman to make sure we get all of our mail.

Big Bear — Comet Rabuck

comet the dog

The biggest member in the office is our Bernese Mountain friend Comet who gets his name from the rollercoaster ride at Hershey Park. Comet likes to chew on all of his toys and steal underwear for fun. He is a massive fluff ball with the biggest paws, what can’t you love about that? Still a puppy and full of love, Comet is always looking for someone to play with. Comet enjoys going on lots of walks with his momma Ashley when he comes into the office.

Smarty Pants — Crixus Herb

crixus the dog

Crixus is an American Chocolate Labrador who got his name from the well-known and powerful gladiator of Ancient Rome. He loves to play fetch, hide and seek, take naps, eat treats and hang out with his DFF (dog friend forever) Romeo, a Golden Doodle. Crixus is very smart and listens to many commands. He obeys so well and can even balance treats on his nose! Crixus is the adopted furbaby of Yenma and is the best dog that she could ever ask for. She gives him lots of Milk-Bone treats and peanut butter. Crixus loves to lounge in the office and show off how obedient he is.

Double Trouble — Bentley and Aria Burkarth

bentley and aria the dogs

Bentley (left) and Aria (right) love to check in on the office from time to time. They are both rescues and each other’s best friend. Aria is a Pit-bull mix and Bentley is a Border Collie and Spaniel mix. Aria and Bentley love attention, so of course they love trips to the office too. If you are greeted by one of them, know that they are hungry to snuggle you and be petted. These two pals are very adventurous and spend their free time swimming in the river, hiking, playing tug-o-rope and fetch. Ice cubes and peanut butter are their favorite kind of treats. Aria and Bentley have tremendous personalities and make anyone and everyone around them feel special.

Little Miss — Cloe Walsh


Next up, is Cloe. Cloe is the little princess. Cloe is known for barking at all the boys regardless of who they are. That’s one way to keep the boys away, right? Cloe is a Lhasapoo who loves begging for treats, sleeping, and running around like a crazy dog. If you are woman who is sad or upset, hit up Cloe for a good hug. Cloe enjoys taking tours around the office to make sure that everyone is in their place. She is the perfect supervisor.

The Mobster — Capone Reed


Capone, named after Al Capone, was a shelter dog until he found his forever home when he hopped right up into JPR’s lap as soon as he was let off of his leash at SPCA. Capone is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix that loves table food, but most importantly bacon. Capone’s mobster side came out when he peed on a giant pumpkin that was in the office last Halloween. I guess he wasn’t much of a fan. Do not be dismayed by his name, Capone is very friendly and loves helping out any of the employees by sitting on their laps while they work.

The employees of our office are very fond of all the fur-panions that come in to visit. Each and every one of our furry friends has a very distinct personality, but they all love us alike. Allowing pets to engage with employees has shown to produce many benefits. Just their presence can alter the entire office atmosphere. Dogs can create a warmer environment for the employees, but also produce a chance for added mingling and deeper connection within the members of the business team. As a company, we have experienced this first hand and hope to add some more four legged friends to our Web Talent family.