No matter where you turn in our current society it seems that every article or story contains an element of pop culture. The lines between celebrities and news have started to blur and we are finding ourselves increasingly influenced over what is happening on social media and what our favorite personalities are up to.

I think one of the biggest struggles brands face is the ability to differentiate themselves on social media and post witty and engaging content to reach their consumers. One of the things that we often discuss at the office is how to help our clients have success with their social media campaigns. We evaluate information such as what the best images, content, and times to post are and tips for engaging and talking to fans and followers in the social media community. There have been a few instances where the discussion has turned to ways celebrities use social media to reach their audience. With our world placing such a strong emphasis on constant communication and connection, social media is the end all for reaching a mass of people instantly. As we know, not everyone is a celebrity, but as a small or medium size business there are still ways for you to engage with your fans and have the success of a superstar. Follow these lessons to get started:

Engage with Fans

A true social media icon, whether he or she is a brand, or a celebrity, is someone who regularly engages with followers and answers their questions. This helps to put a face with the individuals you are connecting with and shows that you have a personality. Don’t be afraid to reply to comments and feedback on your social media accounts. These actions start a conversation with your customers.

An example of a celebrity who responds to fans is Taylor Swift. She has seemed to master the art of being a social media celebrity. In fact, there was even a Digiday article written about Taylor Swift and social media marketing.  Take a tip from Taylor and monitor what your community is saying so you can respond. As a loyal customer it feels nice to receive a response from your favorite business in regards to a question or comment you share with them. This makes you feel like a valued insider.

A few other celebrities who have mastered the art of social media are Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West. They have become household names for the content they post on their social media.

Post Interesting Content 

The type of content to post will vary from network to network. Pinterest and Instagram place an emphasis on carefully crafted and creative imagery while Twitter relies on quick segments of information. It is important to think outside of the box when posting and mixing up your content. Many social media fans and followers prefer to see genuine and authentic posts about the personality behind a brand or celebrity as opposed to general impersonal content. Sharing special clips of information allows your brand to embody a personal feeling. Many celebrities take advantage of popular social media days such as Throwback Thursday, and your brand can too! Included below is an example of Taylor Swift sharing a throwback photo.


Share a photo from when your business got started 10 years ago, or what your first office looked like to keep your content playful and fun. Often times when managing social media campaigns we see that some of the highest performing content is something personal related to the business. This may be a photo of an employee receiving an award, a valued team member celebrating a work anniversary, or recognition in the local media. Don’t be afraid to feature your very own fans (customers) on your social channel as long as they are comfortable with this. What better way to talk about your business and products than with the support of a customer who can honestly review your services and spread the word?

Posting this content helps users to remember that your brand has a personal element as well and that you feel comfortable letting others know what you are all about!

Making Your Brand a Celebrity

Now that you have information about the best techniques to employ in your campaign it is time to get started. Read up on the best tips to use and pay attention to the brands and celebrities that you follow. You may be able to learn a thing or two from them. As with any campaign remember to monitor your engagement through analytics and monitor information such as new followers, website visits and conversions. It’s time to turn your brand into a celebrity!