Time. There never seems to be enough of it.

As an attorney, your days are full enough already, and any time spent on internet marketing is time you could be spending on billable activity – consulting with clients, courtroom appearances, or reading, writing, and filing legal briefs.

Your revenue is directly proportionate to the number of clients your service!


Many experts say it costs five times more to get a new client than to keep an existing one. For lawyers specializing in Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Personal Injury, and other situational-specific specialties, few of these clients will offer the opportunity for repeat business. The question then becomes – how do you maximize revenue from existing clients, while attracting new ones in the most cost-efficient manner?

From a business standpoint, your advertising dollars and lead-generation tools need be maximized for optimal impact, and let you concentrate on truly qualified leads – not waste your valuable time on less serious prospects.

That’s where Web Talent Marketing can help. We offer a variety of services, including Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Quality Web Content and Targeted Lead Generation, along with a variety of other effective marketing strategies. These services not only direct you to ripe prospects who are ready to purchase your services, but today’s evolving technologies also allow you to track each of your marketing campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

Using some simple math, we can illustrate how easy it is to lose money on poorly implemented and managed Internet Marketing campaigns:

The numbers used in the illustration are not necessarily indicative of the specific traffic or yields you will experience, but the principle holds true. Depending on your target audience and your perception of what the ideal client is, a professional internet marketing firm can help you analyze your monthly budget, re-allocate funds towards more effective campaigns, and thus maximize your cost per new client.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the number of new clients you gain and the cost it takes to acquire those clients. All too often, a budget is determined solely on perceived expectations of what one can afford. However, the truth is that when efficiencies are factored in, your budget may be set too low – or too high. Once our clients start tracking their true efficiencies, they often see that the money they spend on targeted marketing campaigns is brought back to them tenfold. Our innovative tracking technologies and strategic marketing can help you attract an influx of quality, ready-to-do-business clients.

At Web Talent Marketing, we can help maximize your advertising dollars with a variety of custom-tailored strategies. From reducing PPC bid amounts, limiting or targeting specific geographic boundaries, and using negative keywords, we can help you generate more qualified leads and reach more clients.

Bankruptcy Lawyers, Foreclosure Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers and all other attorneys and law firms should add strategic Internet marketing to their advertising mix. By working with a highly qualified, professional Internet Marketing firm, you’ll assure that your advertising investment will produce the maximum ROI, because the potential for poor results and lost revenue opportunities is far too great to leave to chance.

So contact Web Talent Marketing today, and leave the marketing headaches to us. We’ll focus on what it is we do best – implementing strategies that let you gain the most qualified leads and ripe prospects. You’ll then be free to concentrate on what it is you do best – providing quality bankruptcy, foreclosure, personal injury, and other situational legal services to the clients who so desperately need your help.