We’re feeling political this week at Web Talent. Mayor Rick Gray of Lancaster City stopped by to see what the fuss was about, regarding our constantly growing internet marketing company in his lovely city.

Mayor Rick Gray Visits Web Talent Marketing
Lancaster City Mayor: Rick Gray

The mayor had a good chat session with Web Talent’s two owners, Mike Canarelli and Oliver Feakins, after which he came around the office and introduced himself to each one of our employees. It is great to see that our mayor is so well grounded (he likes motorcycles!), and we are glad that our hard work and honest approach to business has grabbed the attention of our mayor. He seems to appreciate the fact that Web Talent is growing and providing more jobs for Lancaster citizens, hosting internships, and that we contribute to the local business scene through various small business seminars and speaking engagements around town.

Mayor Gray (Democrat) assumed office back in 2006, after a successful career as a lawyer and the Director of Legal Services for Central Pennsylvania. Gray’s campaign for the office of mayor was mainly focused on reducing the local financial deficit of our city, and then turned his attention to the local crime scene.