Vikings were dedicated to their decisions and pursued forward progression.

Like many businesses, you have an Internet presence.

You monitor your website’s analytics and have generated decent sales and leads. You have also hired professional SEO’s to help increase your traffic and exposure, but your conversion rate stays the same. While you may be slowly increasing your sales and leads, your conversion percentage never seems to improve. What gives?

First, lets take a look at where you are.

Your business office occupies a physical location. Whether you work in a building you own or in an office at your home, you chose your location. What steps did you take before you made your decision? Did you treat it as a temporary solution or a long-term solution?

Lets flash back over 1,000 years to the Viking Age

Legend states that the Vikings would burn their boats after taking home on a new shore. Why would they do that? This kept them devoted to their decision. There was no such thing as turning back. It was an embrace towards forward progression and an act of taking pride in their decisions.

Now as we move forward to present day…

What steps are you taking towards forward progression for your website? Unlike the Vikings, you do not always have to break down camp and build a new one. If you website has a decent presence and currently generates leads or sales, the next step is the first step.

Tiny Steps for Big Conversions.

conversion optimization
Toasted marshmallows go great with increased conversions.

Time to run some conversion tests

Now that you’re settled in and roasting marshmallows on your burning boats, it’s time to spruce up your new place. You have a new website design and the site is achieving decent conversion percentages, but that’s not enough. Your traffic is increasing over time, but not your conversion percentage stays the same. Now you have to decide whether to make enhancements yourself or hire a conversion expert.

By the way, did you know that many large companies optimize their physical offices? I am not referring to an interior designer or business consultant. I am referring to consultants who recommend and optimize a workplace for physical efficiency. This includes everything from making coffee to walking to the printer. If it takes too long for employees to efficiently complete a task, your company loses money.

If your website continues to perform at the same conversion level, your business loses money. If your website users can not efficiently operate your website quickly, they will not convert. Increasing your conversion percentage increases your revenue. This is achieved by testing 1 conversion recommendation at a time.

Getting Started with CRO.

What can you do today? There are many CRO tips you can start testing and implementing today. They do not work for every business, but are a great starting place for getting your conversion optimization initiatives rolling. Take a look at a few conversion tips in our previous article, Start Converting Your “Misbehaving” Landing Pages. If you reach a plateau, that’s OK! There are experts that can help. Check back to our blog for more Conversion Optimization articles or give us a challenge to uncover.

Ready to roast some marshmallows and increase conversions?