Social Media is a fickle beast and using it effectively for your brand can be difficult to pin point. So here are a couple tips for better brand engagement when it comes to using Twitter for your business.

  1. 1.    Tweet 1-4 times per hour.

The more you tweet, the less engaging your tweets can appear to followers.

  1. 2.    Keep it short and sweet.

Keep your tweets under 100 characters. This helps with engagement (I mean who really wants to read a tweet that is a paragraph and a half long) and also allows for retweets where the individual can add their own comments and thoughts.

  1. 3.    Weekends are prime time.

Want the best click through rate for your tweets, well then it looks like you will need to be tweeting on the weekends. Studies have shown that brands see better engagement on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. 4.    Sorry boss, I was just uhhh, tweeting!

Ever hear that after you eat lunch you feel a little less energized? During that post lunch period is the best time to tweet! Post your tweets during the busiest hours of the day, 1pm-3pm midweek.

  1. 5.    Add a link.

Want your tweets retweeted? Add a link that people will want to retweet, its reported that if you post a link people are more likely to retweet it by 86%!

  1. 6.    Ask and you shall receive.

If you want someone to retweet your post, simply ask for it. “Retweet” will get you 23 times higher retweet than if you hadn’t asked at all.

  1. 7.    #dontoverdoit

Easy on the hashtags guys! You will see more involvement with tweets that only contain one or two hashtags. However, add any more than a couple hashtags and you are looking at a negative response to your tweets.

Tools of the Trade

Ok so you have now optimized your tweets and when to post them, now what? In my experience no one likes doing the work without seeing the reward, so track your data and always be on the look out for new followers! There are some pretty cool tools out there to help you track your Twitter existence and gain more followers.


The first tool you should check out is TweetStats. This program provides graphs of information on how often you tweet, when you tweet, and how responsive you are at replying to others. TweetStats is great for helping you understand how your business tweets. You can even check out how your followers tweet to help better target your market.


The second Twitter tool to look into is TweetDeck. It’s great for letting you know what’s going on with your Twitter account. TweetDeck keeps you up to date on your followers and helps monitor all things happening on Twitter. This program also lets you schedule tweets so you can post anytime, anywhere.


Lastly you should look at Followerwonk. It is a great tool for finding people in your industry that are interested in your brand. With Followerwonk you can sort followers by different metrics and find people using certain keywords and phrases.

Here I wanted to search from people that mention internet marketing in their bio section and Followerwonk pulls up all Twitter profiles that mention this term:


So there you go! Now you can optimize Twitter to have more brand engagement and then track how well your Twitter account is doing!