Sounds easy enough, but please do not let the title fool you. Preparing your site for Google News can be a tedious and cumbersome process. Now don’t get me wrong, submitting your site is easy, however, the daunting prep work leading up to submission prevents most sites from trying. Follow the steps below and ensure your site is included in the Google News search feed.

Google News General Guidelines

Google asks that all sites submitted to their News section meet a certain standard. Generally speaking, each site accepted is reporting on relevant topics for searchers. Google ignores how-to lists, advice articles, job bulletins, and generic information sites.  They check each site for readability, accountability, authoritative content, and journalism standards. For a detailed explanation of news search elements check out Google’s guidelines.

Google News Technical Guidelines

Having your content meet a particular standard is step one, but it is not enough to get you accepted by the search giant. You also have to follow some technical guidelines. With regards to your website, you have to follow standards for your article URLs. Your content formatting should follow Google’s guidelines, so should your site’s hyperlinks and Robots.txt. Additionally, a Google News Sitemap must be created in accordance with Google’s requirements.

Google News Quality Guidelines

Now that your website is technically sound and your content meets the general guidelines, you have to ensure the quality meets the same type of standards. The good news is that Google publishes a list of Webmaster quality guidelines for your convenience. Websites practicing good journalism, publishing newsworthy content get approved. Avoid adding promotional content and ensure your site is user friendly. When using tags, make sure you are using them correctly. Google’s aim is to serve users with quality content that is reliable and valid. If your website is in line with their news guidelines, you are ready to submit your site.

Time to Submit!

You made it. Your website meets all technical requirements, all your content is authoritative, and meets Google’s general and quality guidelines. Now comes the easy part, it is time to submit your site.