Expand your B2B Marketing into LinkedIn

Facebook is the go-to social media platform for most businesses when they are considering creating social media accounts.  While Facebook may be the most widespread and popular social media platform, it might not be the best fit for your business.

When I look at social referral data from Analytics for many of our clients, Facebook is often the #1 in the terms of sheer volume of referrals. But these visits usually have a high bounce rate, a low time spent on the page, few pages visited, etc.  For many clients, the most qualified traffic is coming from LinkedIn! This is especially true for service providers. For Web Talent, we have had half as many referrals from LinkedIn than Facebook, but LinkedIn visitors are spending twice as long on our website and visiting twice as many pages. These visitors are much more qualified and more likely to convert to leads for business!

If you are in the B2B market or a service-related business, you’ll want to consider learning how to leverage LinkedIn for your benefit. Here are just a few ways that LinkedIn can help with lead-generation for your company.

LinkedIn is highly targeted.

business professionals

These users are professionals that are serious about business and avoiding the social chatter of Facebook. They want your content. It’s not like Facebook where you have to think of 1 million ways to be creative and get noticed. These professionals want to know how to improve their business, and if your blog post tells them how? They’ll seek it out and then they’ll seek YOU out to help them. On Facebook it’s not likely that anyone cares about your super great cutting-edge technology that only engineers with a PhD can understand. But guess what – if you post that same information about your awesome new product on LinkedIn, your followers are waiting for that information!

LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way to display thought-leadership.

You can also join groups of other like-minded people and network that way. It’s just like networking in person, but you can do it from your desk or couch and you don’t have to engage in awkward small talk. Join groups that are in your industry – if you’re a non-profit related to education, find groups related to your business.  Better yet, find groups where potential clients are. If your business provides printing and design services, find groups where customers would hang out. If you do a lot of wedding-related printing (invitations, save-the-dates, etc), find a group for wedding planners and get involved in a discussion of the latest trends. (Pro tip: This can also be a really great way to find ideas for content!)

LinkedIn makes it easy to get recommendations.

Do you struggle getting your clients to give you a review or recommendation for your website? It’s so much easier on LinkedIn! It’s right there in front of them, and very user friendly. You only need a sentence or a short paragraph, no lengthy quote necessary! Further, having these recommendations showcases your abilities and expertise to anyone else looking at your page.

Check out a big company like HootSuite on LinkedIn and you’ll see that their services all have recommendations. Users can choose to either simply click “recommend” or they can submit a short recommendation about your business as well. This is an example of one of HootSuite’s reviews.

LinkedIn has built-in analytics

LinkedIn has Analytics and Insights. Insights are great because they’ll tell you what other businesses people are viewing. These are your competitors on LinkedIn, and it would be beneficial for you to look at their pages and see what they are doing differently (and better than you).

Analytics shows your reach and engagement of your company updates. This tells you how many people are 1) seeing your content and 2) interacting with your content. It shows a follower count and it compares you to other companies that people are viewing. LinkedIn also shows you your follower demographics by job title – whether they are entry-level, managers, or directors in their company.

This analytics clipping shows the statistics for the most recent update Web Talent has posted on their LinkedIn page. You can see the breakdown of engagement we had for the most recent update we posted on LinkedIn. linkedin analytics

If you are a business that is considering creating a LinkedIn page, I highly suggest doing more research on what to do, as well as what your competitors are doing on LinkedIn. As well, you can always reach out to Web Talent Marketing for help getting started and creating a lead-generation strategy. We’d be happy to help and connect with you on LinkedIn!