Whether you visit a site that sells dog toys or beauty products, chances are they have a subscription program. You have probably seen them, or have been remarketed for them more times than you can count, but how do they become so popular? It seems like every other week a new subscription box is going viral claiming they have the best products for a lower cost than their competitor. Then within a month talk of that subscription box has been thrown out the window. How do you successfully market a new subscription box, one that will see growth month over month, and become a cornerstone in the industry?

Don’t Conform

First, think of something unique. Pretty much every snack box you could want is already on the market. There are only a handful of beauty subscription boxes out there. Find your niche and start something new. If you want to start a beauty subscription box look at current market trends and what’s already available. If your brand specializes in vegan/cruelty-free makeup, or athleisure beauty wear, these could be great ideas for starting a box. This will put you at the forefront of this industry. Better yet, this is giving you a leg up on your competition.

Social is King

We’ve heard it over and over that “content is king.” Well what about social media? There’s a plethora of platforms to get feedback from users, free feedback! Think about it, you have the basic platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But then within those platforms you have Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Snapchat Stories, Periscope, even Youtube. Dive deep into the analytics of your social media to figure out what platform performs best with your audience.

From there you’ll want to create a social strategy. Not having a social strategy is like walking through a mine field with the map in your back pocket…a.k.a. not a good plan. From here, create a social calendar. This will keep you organized and in the know of what posts were published on what platform. It can also make you realize you tend to post selfies far too often instead of your product, but I digress. Include your consumers in your calendar. Share what they have to say about your box or any images they post. Highlighting how your users engage with your product can motivate potential buyers.

Instant Feedback

Nothing is better than receiving instant feedback on your product. Consumers giving any sort of feedback means they care about your product, and want you to know how great it was, or how it could be improved. Of course positive feedback is ideal, but it’s important to welcome criticism. The separator is listening to your consumers (as long as it matches the mission and vision of your subscription box) and adjusting to fit their needs.

An ideal platform for instant feedback is Facebook Live. A great example of a brand who uses this tool is Birchbox. They feature products and styling tips from the month’s box and utilize a moderator who reads and answers questions users have while the video is live. Additionally, if new products launch, and it’s something consumers are interested in, this gives users the ability to voice their opinion. You are also able to poll a large audience with an immediate response.

One thing to remember when using any sort of Live platform, is to make sure the host, or anyone voiced in the video is personable and represents what your brand stands for. The worst thing for your brand is an un-relatable host. It can be a major turnoff to your target market.

The One-Two Punch

To add some fuel to the fire, do some research to add micro-influencers. The more woman power you have behind your brand can really launch it forward. I’m not talking about spammy practices where you give your product to anyone who has a thousand followers and they post about it every other day. (I’m looking at you Teatox and Bootea.) Take time to hand-pick individuals who match your brand. You will essentially be working with these individuals giving them discounted, if not free, product in return for promotion and positive word of mouth. It’s important that a relationship is cultivated, and they are equally as exciting about the product as you are.

If you’re not ready or willing to bring on a micro-influencer, try giving out a few boxes for users to try. “Unboxing” and “What’s in my box” videos are popular among vloggers, bloggers, and on social media for individuals who receive these products. Giving out a free box for hundreds of reviews in return is a deal worth taking.

No matter what type of subscription box you are launching, it’s important for you to research and have your social game plan thoroughly written out. Remember to find your niche and not copy what is already out there. Don’t forget that there are plenty of influencers on social media waiting for you to find them. Work smarter, not harder.