For marketers, the lines continue to blur and siloes broken.

Historically, you had very separated and siloed approaches to promote your content via a paid medium. You have anything from search properties, to social media properties, and even traditional banner ads in your tool belt to promote your brand or message. Google and Bing provide you their paid search properties for which you could promote your content via text ads. The Google Display Network blended the traditional banner ad with search marketing to add a visual medium with expanded reach. As investors and boards demanded a revenue stream, social media properties introduced ad properties, allowing marketers to promote their content across a vast userbase. Social media marketing remained in its silo and marketers were forced to create strategies to weave social into their already packed marketing plans.

Enter Google+

If you could bottle all of the chatter surrounding the launch, growth, criticism, assumed demise, resurrection, and another assumed demise of this much maligned social network, you could give Pepsi a run for their money. The search giant’s entrance into social raised numerous questions about if and when they integrated their other paid properties into the social space….The time has come.

Google +Post Ads

Say Hello to +Post Ads and make room in your marketing budget

This new property morphs Google’s social property, Google+, with their ever expanding Google Display Network. +Post Ads allows you to take your most recent Google+ post, and promote this post visually, across the Google Display Network, including mobile. (taking your last post and promote it across a network, hmm this sounds quite familiar *cough* Facebook). What makes this new option valuable is the ad units are fully interactive, meaning that users can actively engage with your posts with comments, +1s, or even follow your brand right from the ad. If you are a Hangout’s fan, you can play videos and live broadcasts through the ad (Cool, I know). The best part is that you only pay when someone engages with your ad, and it can be managed out of your Adwords account.

Want to get started? You might have to wait…

Much how Google launched Google+ to a select number of brands initially, they are doing the same thing with +Post Ads. Currently, only brands with >1000 Google+ followers are able to advertise on the platform. Of course, this is just a matter of time before it becomes available to the general population. But with this new ad property and yet another choice in where you spend your marketing budget, what is the value of +Post Ads?

This new advertising property from Google is just another option the search giant is providing to help you develop a fully integrated advertising campaign and gain a better share of your marketing spend. Of course, this new property will also force marketers to remain (or become) active on Google’s social property. What are your thoughts on this new medium? And while you are at it, connect with us on Google+