The Google Plus Project now has the opportunity to reach a vast new demographic of users. On September 1st, 2011 Google starting converting its Google Apps for Business users to full Google Accounts. Yesterday evening I logged into my Google Apps for Business account and I was subsequently presented with a screen that told me that my Google Apps for Business account was being upgraded to a full Google Account.

Google touted the benefits of new services being available such as Picasa, Blogger, Sites, and Reader. I feel Google has other intentions for making the mandatory upgrade. Everyone that is currently a Google Apps for Business user will now have an active Google Account. Most Google Apps for Business users are companies that use the service for corporate email, document, and calendar sharing. Users will have to log into their Apps for Business (Google Account) to use email services. Since they are already logged in, it would be extremely easy for them to “+1” websites and participate in the Google Plus social network.

It’s an extremely smart move for Google and presented in a very low impact manner. Who would not want the upgrade? It allows users to have access to tools (and toys) they would have not had before and they can now be part of the Google Plus social network. Only time will tell.

Information link on upgraded Google Apps for Business services: