Come to Google+…..

Ok, so you’re heard all of the buzz: Google+ isn’t going anywhere – make your company visible on there ASAP and develop a content strategy already! This is great advice – Google dominates search on the Internet and is going to do everything it can to promote its own service. But ROI aside, Google+ offers a wealth of tools that every marketing professional can take advantage of.

1. Right Now – It’s ALL Marketing Professionals Posting on Google+

Don’t think any of the sites you care about are using Google+ yet? Think again! In fact, that’s another piece of Google+’s awesomeness – your family members and friends aren’t here yet, but the marketing community is. Avoid the baby pictures, and focus on the useful stuff!

I’m still angry over Google’s announcement to kill Google Reader, but Google+ is why they did it. As a replacement for my Reader, I simply set up a few circles on my Google+ Page and started following some folks in my interest groups. I pop in there at any time and click on my ‘SEO’ circle, or my ‘Sports’ circle, and check out the latest from the authors and websites I care about.

In addition, their ‘Explore’ feature throws down the best, most shared content about the topics I’m interested in – so I don’t miss anything important.

Want a list of marketing and SEO insiders to follow – just ask me at +Matt Riggleman

2. Google+ Authorship is a Search Visibility Enhancer and a Resume Builder

Steven Levy Image
This is what it looks like when you use the authorship tag correctly in Google

Google is the best at organizing and classifying information, and their new authorship tag opens a new frontier for this. They literally patented the technology  for organizing information by particular thought leaders across the Internet and in turn, using that to influence search results. With properly implemented authorship tags, and the associated markup in your Google+ profile, you can create a map to all of the content, on all of the websites, you’ve contributed to. Imagine the day when you can go to a job interview and tell them to search for your authorship tag for a list of your copy references. As a side benefit – it makes it easier to brand individuals within your business: simply another direction to help turn the conversion needle. And it’s cumulative: as you gain more notoriety, authority and visibility, the Google patent indicates it may prioritize your listings. Just remember, when you guest post – request the authorship markup!

3. GoToMeeting Without the Cost

Great, economically optimized businesses are always looking for ways to trim costs. Well remember that collaboration, teleconference, or meeting software you’ve been paying for since the early 2000s? Dump it in favor of Google+’s free Hangouts feature. Hangouts allow you to share and collaborate on items from Google Drive, share your screen, and video chat. The only caveat is the fact that each participant has to be a Google+ member. Why not turn that into an advantage? Throw all meeting participants in a unique circle for follow-up later. At the least, use it to collaborate among your own staff.

4. Because, Like You, Every Business is Waiting for Google+ Engagement

Hey Boss! We got a review on Google+!!!!!

I loved this post by David Mihm on ‘Barnacle Reviews‘. To put it simply – you can act as your business’s page and leave reviews on other Google+ Pages. I know what you’re thinking: no one is using this thing – what’s the point of placing a review? But in this case, that’s exactly the point! In offices across the country, you have one lonely content manager looking for a sign of life on the company Google+ page – now, more then ever, you can stand out in a crowd simply by placing a solid review! Receive great service from the restaurant next to your office? Jump on their Google+ page as your business and drop a quick line – it’s quick, simple, and they’ll love you for it. Relationships are the new SEO – what better place to start your strategy than within Google’s own Brainchild?

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Google+ at +MattRiggleman. Thanks!