Google Intelligence Alerts

In 2009, Google quietly released its intelligence module for Google Analytics. This feature allows SEOs and webmasters to create custom alerts for a wide variety of metrics and segments. It is my experience that most Internet marketers are not using this feature to its full potential. There are many benefits that one can obtain from early warnings that allow marketers to respond quickly to changes in their digital landscape.



Monitoring Changes in Traffic

Google Analytics Intelligence - Low Traffic Alerts

By setting up a custom alert, SEOs can be notified about gross changes in traffic, both positive and negative. You can segment these to cover both organic and paid mediums while  being alerted of traffic changes as well. A useful scenario would be implementing the alerts to detect large-scale traffic drops from keywords week-to-week or day-to-day. We have used intelligence reporting to track visits and conversion changes from targeted keywords and to alert us about changes in algorithms (like Panda).


Monitoring Changes in Conversion

Google analytics Intelligence - Low Conversion alerts

Monitoring conversion rates amongst all or selected traffic sources can help identify daily changes indicating a potentially devastating set of circumstances or a tremendous market opportunity. With custom email alerts, Google intelligence reports could notify you when your conversion rate decreases by massive amounts (like 60%!). This allows you you access your analytics easily to fix any potential problems and address potential issues in traffic quality or quantity at first notice, rather than letting days or weeks pass before you notice a problem.



Monitoring Brand Impact

Google Intelligence - Tracking Brand Mentions

With Custom Alerts you can quickly monitor your brand’s impact on the web. This is pretty easy to setup in analytics by creating a weekly report to show changes in brand related keyword searches (or any specific keyword for that matter). You can set up the account to email you when metrics experience a heavy spike or decline. This could also be a great metric that can be correlated with your company’s online reputation management efforts.


Monitoring decrease in ROI or Revenues

Google analytics intelligence - revenue change alerts



Revenues are at the heart of every online business. Having a daily or weekly alert set up to monitor massive changes in cost per conversion, ROAS or generated revenue could also be a helpful way to stay ahead of the curb. Once an alert is dispatched your company can pull resources and address any potential problem or get an early warning to secure inventory if there is a spike in demand for your product or service.


You have nothing to lose!

It’s amazing that most people aren’t taking advantage of this free feature in Analytics. The UI is very simple to use and the module has a pretty low learning curve.  The Google intelligence feature allows marketers and SEOs to be proactive and hyper reactive to changes affecting their client’s business and search marketing efforts.  To learn more about how to use Google Intelligence I recommend reading some of the advanced Analytics help that Google has on their website.