After weeks, months, or even years of evaluation, you finally made your decision on a Digital Marketing Agency for your business. Now you have a brand new team that includes many new faces and titles who are going to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. How do you make sure that you are getting the most out of your Digital Marketing Agency? The one person who can help is your Account Manager (Client Relations Manager).

The Role of Your Account Manager

These days Account Managers are more than your day-to-day contact. Consider your Account Manager to be an extension of your marketing department who understands your company goals and vision. They are your agency advocate who helps to develop and comprehend your digital marketing strategy. In some cases, your Account Manager can be your soundboard when you create new marketing ideas, evaluate new products, or research new tactics.

To get the most of our Digital Marketing Agency, you should treat your Account Manager like an internal team member and make sure they are up to date on company news, visions, and goals. The more information you provide; the easier it will be for your Account Manager to meet your needs and expectations. Lastly, when it comes to reporting on your digital campaigns, your Account Manager will help to translate and explain technical jargon into easily digestible words for your internal team.

Here are four tips to help forge a trusting relationship with your Account Manager.

  1. Determine how often you want to touch base

    Often times digital marketing strategies involve many moving pieces and deadlines. To make sure both teams are on the same page, it may make sense to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly call. Having that scheduled touch point will help keep everyone aligned and heading towards the same goal.

  2. Establish the preferred method of communications

    While email is a quick form of communications, perhaps phone calls are your preferred method of communication. Make sure to have this conversation with your Account Manager so that they understand the best way to reach you.

  3. Keep your Account Manager informed

    Are you releasing a new product? Are you creating a new commercial? Is your company hosting an event? Do you have new members on your team? Keeping your Account Manager apprised of company news will help them advocate for you during the creation and execution of your digital marketing strategies.

  4. Have honest and open conversations

Are you happy or unhappy with your campaign performance?  Don’t be afraid to have those honest and open conversations with your Account Manager. Having the open lines of communication will only improve the relationship with your Digital Marketing Agency.

Starting a new relationship with your Digital Marketing Agency can be a daunting, but exciting experience. Having open lines of communication and establishing clear expectations with your Account Manager and your Digital Marketing Agency will only help to foster a long lasting relationship.