In my latest blog post, I explained 3 traits that you can expect when working with our Client Relations team. While there are many standards we uphold ourselves to that help to make sure we are being the best point of contact for each client, the three that were covered in the post were Preventing Surprises, Continuing to Learn, and Educating Clients. That post was focused specifically on what you can expect when working with our account management team, but I felt it was important to address what you can expect when working with Web Talent Marketing as a whole.

If you’re in the market to partner with a digital marketing agency, understanding the dynamics of how the relationship would look like moving forward is important. At Web Talent, we use the word “partner” frequently. That’s because we genuinely want to establish a strong relationship with our clients that is built on trust and open communication. We don’t want to be viewed as just another vendor. If you would choose to work with us for any SEO, PPC, or web-related projects, there are three traits that you can expect from our entire team moving forward:

Dedicated Digital Team and Account Manager

Each client, whether they are involved in a mixture of services – or just one service, has a dedicated digital team of experienced individuals. In addition to a carefully selected production team, each client has a dedicated account manager assigned to them. Instead of using a ticketing system, our account managers are ready to answer your questions via whichever method of communication you prefer. Whether that be emails, phone calls, or a project management tool; we will work with you to make sure your questions are answered as quickly as possible. Depending on the question, we may need to consult with the team before providing you with an answer, but we always aim to respond within 24 hours of each touchpoint. Often times, our response is much quicker than that though!


Another unique characteristic for how our team operates is that we are very transparent in everything that we do. When you partner with us, all of your data and information remains yours. At the end of the day, we are simply helping you achieve your goals. We do not want to hold your information, accounts, or data hostage. At any given point, you will be able to log into your accounts and review the progress that we have been making.

Customized Strategies and Reports

The final differentiator of Web Talent that I’d like to address is that we don’t believe every client fits in one box. We understand there isn’t just one solution that will magically work for everyone, so we will take the time to create customized strategies and reports for you. Your dedicated digital team and account manager will educate themselves on your goals, the current status of your account, and your previous history with digital marketing to create a plan of action that is specific to your business. In addition to a custom strategy, we create custom reports that speak to your key performance indicators.

There is a lot that goes into deciding whether a digital marketing agency is right for you. These 3 traits that you can expect when working with the Web Talent Team are just hitting the surface of everything that you would be getting when partnering with us. If you’re interested in learning more about our process and expertise, we’d love to hear from you!