In a recent presentation to members of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, I recently recapped some of the critical areas that business owners and marketing executives need to focus on in 2013.


Understanding Where You Rank


Sounds easy, right? Ask Lorianna, our Director of Search, and she’ll cleverly answer “in who’s personalized search results?” Nowadays no two-search results are alike. Understanding how location, social signals and personalization impact the searches of your clients is a critical element of your SEO strategy.  With Google’s ever changing SERPs business owners and marketers can rely on Google’s Webmaster Tools to provide an “average rank” which takes into account all the variations mentioned above.


Use Google’s Universal Search to your advantage


Gone are the days with ten blue links and a few PPC ads on the right hand side. Today’s search results pull in websites, videos, press release, images, products and that’s just the beginning.  Google now offers a way for your website to stand out amount the crowd by using a Schema markup. This fairly new addition allows Google to pull data from your website into the search results, making it stand out from the rest.



Social Media and SEO are Becoming One


It’s the truth – You can’t do SEO without doing Social in 2013. Social signals are becoming a growing part of the greater algorithm and have an increasingly high correlation with positive rankings. For as long as social media has been around there are still a lot of small businesses that just don’t see the value in a strong social offering and leave a lot to be desired. Social media doesn’t have to be intimidating or time draining. Put together a content strategy to fuel your social media efforts and make sure that your brand is taking part (or leading) a conversation, not a sales pitch.  There are plenty of tools out there to help you figure out what to write about.



Don’t Ignore Your Mobile Audience


Mobile web usage is growing at an unprecedented rate. By 2016 there will be more Internet searches performed on mobile devices than there will be on computers. In fact, recent studies show that people use their mobile devices to search on the Internet more than any other online activity. Understanding the mobile segment starts with analyzing their behavior. Google analytics does a great job by segmenting the pages they go to, the keywords they search and helps you identify opportunities. Responsive design (a new industry darling) ensures that users (regardless of device) can see a properly formatted and sized webpage at all times. With 10%-30% of website traffic browsing on mobile phones it is imperative not to ignore this growing segment.


For more information on the growing online marketing trends of 2013, please feel free to browse through my slides below.  Have a question? Request a free website analysis with one of our SEOs today!