If you’re like us and can’t get enough of digital marketing news, best practices and tricks, then podcasts are your best friend during the hours when you can plug-in and soak up the knowledge. In no particular order, we listed a few of the podcasts which populate our iTunes feeds on constant rotation. Some are more in-depth and high level than others, but all are worthy of a nod in our list of “Web Talent Marketing’s Favorite Podcasts”.

Marketing Podcast: The Art of Paid Traffic

the-art-of-paid-traffic Host Rick Mulready discusses everything from landing pages to Google Analytics, LinkedIn advertising and email marketing. Every once in a while there will be an episode which broadens our horizons and gets us to think about a new marketing medium in a new light. It’s not the best PPC podcast available, but you should definitely add it to your queue.

Marketing Podcast: This Old Marketing

this-old-marketing-podcast Hour long podcast where two of the industry’s best dig deep about various topics related to content marketing, PR, and the latest happenings in the marketing industry.

Marketing Podcast: Six Pixels of Separation

six-pixels-of-separation Podcast by one of the original podcasters, Mitch Joel, where he interviews guests within the marketing, advertising, PR industry – and even behavioral guests to talk about various topics. Skews more towards top level marketing happenings and ideas.

Marketing Podcast: PPC Rockstars

ppc-rockstarsWeekly episodes on all things PPC and paid search. The host, David Szetela has frequent guests from the biggest names in PPC, which helps it live up to the name. If you are actively managing PPC clients or are interested in learning, this podcast is a must-listen.

Marketing Podcast: Build a Better Agency Podcast

build-a-better-agency-podcast Hosted by Drew McLellan who has worked in the advertising industry for over 25 years. Drew’s perspective on agencies is helpful and inspirational. He has many guests that share tips/tricks/insights on what we can do to make our agency better, more fun, better serve our clients, and much more. There are always actionable pieces we can put into play immediately.

Marketing Podcast: Marketing Over Coffee

marketing-over-coffeeEach episode is only about 20 minutes long so you can enjoy this during your morning commute or the literal cup of coffee. The hosts cover subjects such as SEO, email, offline marketing and social strategies.

Marketing Podcast: Podcasts for Agencies by Google Partners

google-partners-podcastGoogle has stepped up their agency-side relations during the past few years. Proof includes a more robust “partner” community, more dedicated reps, and little gems like this podcast. Host, Alex Langshur (Co-founder and Senior Partner of Cardinal Path), meets with the heads of agencies to discuss how to grow a business and best practices to run a successful marketing team.

Marketing Podcast: The Amazing Seller Podcast

the-amazing-seller-podcast A refreshing take on everything Amazon related from a true, seasoned expert. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, grow your presence or advertise your Seller/Merchant products, this is hands-down the best podcast to subscribe to. Our PPC team listens to every episode the day it launches.

Marketing Podcast: Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

jon-loomer The OG of Facebook marketing, Jon Loomer, has developed one of the strongest followings of any marketing podcast. This man knows his stuff when it comes to anything Facebook, blogging or SEO related. His weekly/biweekly podcasts are full of insights and strategies which help us grow our social department.

Marketing Podcast: Search Talk Live: Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast

search-talk-live-podcastA must-listen for any SEO looking to expand their knowledge. This is typically not for the beginner SEO, as many of the episodes focus on the complexities of algorithms and rankings.

Marketing Podcast: The Amazon Private Labeler Show Podcast

amazon-private-labeler-podcastThe latest info, tricks and tips to run your Amazon private label business. Amazon marketing episodes are far and few between, but it’s still worth a listen to gain a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of how the Amazon selling platform functions.

Marketing Podcast: The Beancast

the-beancast-podcastA lengthy podcast where they unpack a lot of the latest happenings in marketing and advertising over the past week. There are always great insights and great speakers. We can’t always be heads-down into marketing or web development. When we like to kick back and enjoy some nonwork-related auditory pleasures, these podcasts are some of our go-to background noises.

The Tim Ferriss Show

tim-ferriss-show-podcastTim Ferriss (creator of the Four Hour Work Week and more) is joined by guests such as Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Derek Sivers, and Jamie Foxx to discuss passion, books, and more. Always inspiring and your will Amazon wish-list will fill up fast if you listen to this show.

The Simple Sophisticate

the-simple-sophisticate-podcastThe host, Shannon Ables, shares ways to improve the quality of your life and relationships, which we can use in all parts of our life—personally and professionally.

TED Radio Hour

ted-radio-hour-podcastTED Talks are amazing and this podcast from NPR packages up several related to the same topic and bundles them into an hour long podcast.

This Week in Google

this-week-in-google-podcastThis is a very lengthy podcast which goes into great detail on the latest tech-related happenings, with a skew towards software, hardware, and more specifically devices.

Revisionist History

revisionist-history-podcastThis podcast series by Malcolm Gladwell goes into great detail about a number of topics that we know about, but haven’t really understood or dug deep into. A tremendous listen!

Science Friday

science-friday-podcastThe podcasts are live on Fridays from 2-4pm EST and cover a variety of different topics such as Physics & Chemistry, Earth Science, Space, Health, Technology, Food & Garden and more. Some are dry, but others are exciting and you learn a lot about random things, like How to survive on Mars.

Car Talk

car-talk-podcastA great listen if you don’t mind a bunch of old man jokes, and the occasional piece of car advice. You don’t have to know anything about cars to enjoy the weekly episodes.

99% Invisible

99-percent-invisible-podcast“Its goal is to expose the unseen and overlooked aspects of design, architecture, and activity in the world. Each episode generally focuses on a single topic or specific example of design, often including interviews with architects, experts, or people who have been influenced by the design.”


crimetown-podcast From the creators of HBO’s The Jinx, Crimetown dedicates a full season (around a dozen hour-long episodes) to the culture of organized crime in different American cities. Season 1 dives into the mafia scene in an and around New England, and government corruption fed by the Patriarca crime family. Think…”Goodfellas”… if it were in audio format.   -(NSFW)


Jeff Veen (Typekit founder) is joined by other industry professionals to discuss design related topics and the products that will shape the future. An interesting listen if you’re into product and design and futuristic-minded.


lore-podcastLet your nerd flag fly with this podcast which discusses a different urban legend/mystery/myth each episode. Perfect for road trips and bedtime (the creator Aaron Mehnke’s voice is so soothing…). It’s sure to entertain and send shivers down your spine.   -(SEMI NSFW)

Accidental Tech Podcast

accidental-tech-podcastMarco Arment (Instapaper and Overcast creator), Casey Liss, and John Siracusa discuss all the new tech of the week and generally end up complaining about Apple and Apple products. The three “accidentally” created the podcast while trying to create a show about cars.


radio-lab-podcastUnlike many of the other podcasts in this list, Radiolab doesn’t have one central/binding content theme. The hosts can focus on a variety of topics from philosophy to social issues to science. Each episode utilizes interviews, sound clips, and music to make this an immersive experience. With nearly 2 million subscribers, they must be doing something right!

The Joe Rogan Experience

the-joe-rogan-experience Comedian/UFC Host Joe Rogan discusses everything from health & fitness to comedy to UFC to Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about infinite amounts of infinity. You might want to be careful listening to this one in public.   -(NSFW)

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

bill-burrs-monday-morning-podcastIf you know anything about Bill Burr, then you know this podcast should not be played in the minivan on your annual family vacation. This Boston-bred comedian shares his often hilarious/politically incorrect views on religion, relationships, society, and sports every Monday morning.  -(NSFW)

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

dan-carlins-hardcore-historyThe best history podcast out there. Produced with the hardcore history fan in mind, Dan Carlin looks at influential events in world history with an original scope. You’ll be surprised to learn that the stories you thought you know are actually way more complex and reaching than you could have possibly imagined.