There is a new and easy tool that Google has created to simplify the advertising world. To help business ads appear for the right prospective customer and their search, Google has launched AdWords Express. This new approach to online marketing allows businesses to advertise in the ads section of Google and Google maps easier and faster than ever before. In less than five minutes, you can have a limited pay-per-click campaign. AdWords Express provides you with less features than a full AdWords campaign, but it easy and simple to setup and use. When you choose AdWords Express, you’re asked to pick a category that best fits your business and choose a monthly budget for your advertising campaign. You provide some basic business info, and then Google determines the keywords that are most relevant to your ad and category selected. Like always, you only pay when potential customers click on your ad. There is no need for ongoing management of your ad campaign, because AdWords Express optimizes your ad for you. Its simplicity is designed for local businesses that are new to online advertising or have very low budgets that do not justify professional management… You can have an ad for your company up and running in five minutes!


AdWords Express notices when a potential customer searches for a product or service you offer. Your Ad is shown on the top or right hand side of the result pages, or in Google Maps with a blue pin (instead of a red one for organic results). Your potential customers can even see your ad on their mobile phone.


Check out these two AdWords Express videos to learn more and see for yourself how truly simple it is to set up your own advertising campaign!


Google AdWords Express Video 1

Google AdWords Express Video 2