Keep your CRO dollars efficient.

My home is just a few blocks from where I work at Web Talent and is an early 1900s row home. In these warm summer months I usually have the window air conditioners on at full blast. The other weekend I noticed tiny black particles inside the vent and immediately thought those particles could contaminate my home and harm my family’s health. Just before I walked out of my house to go buy a new one I thought, “This is ridiculous! Surely there is a way to clean the a/c.”

And there was. It took an entire Saturday to take the thing apart, clean it (which was beyond disgusting), and put it back together. In the end my air conditioner was clean, more efficient, and I spent far less than if I had replaced it. So, what if we use this philosophy on our websites?

Clean your landing page. Don’t replace it.

At least not yet. If your landing page looks a little outdated or just isn’t performing, don’t ditch it quite yet. I didn’t throw my a/c away, because it was fixable. Your landing pages are fixable as well. The time and money it takes to completely replace a landing page is far beyond the time and cost for simply fixing it.

Don’t sweat it. Your landing pages will be working in no time!

I kept telling myself that as I crouched outside next to my filthy air conditioner in 90+ degree weather cleaning every nook and cranny. Trust me, it was worth the blood and sweat.

Call it positive thinking, but most times I can find quick changes to test on a landing page that can have huge impact on conversions right away.

The best place to start is with your incoming traffic. Are you driving paid advertising to your landing page? If so, simply check to make sure your paid message matches your landing page. The messages can’t be “similar” or “good enough” – it has to MATCH! Make those small changes first while you work on the bigger problems.

Be absolutely thorough in your conversion rate investigation.

Do you know how many pieces there are in a small a/c unit? Unfortunately I do now, but they’re all clean! I take the same approach with a landing page. Each part is crucially important to the whole.

To name a few, here are the important parts I look at while investigating and creating recommendations for improving a landing page:

  • Matching messaging
  • Call to actions above the fold
  • Relevant title
  • Easily Scannable
  • Distracting elements
  • Technical bottlenecks
  • Browser compatibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Analytics issues or discrepancies
  • Analytics baselines
  • Analytics bounce rates
  • Destination URL matches ad text
  • Original content
  • User friendly actions
  • Transparency and trustworthiness
  • SEO markup and best practices
  • Shopping cart checkout best practices
  • And many many many more pieces

Put your landing pages back together.

After my entire a/c unit was investigated, cleaned, and aired out to dry, it was time to put it back together.

When your landing pages are done being scrutinized, it’s time to either update your existing page or test with new pages. I recommend testing your findings with a new landing page and splitting the traffic between your existing page and the new one.

Turn it on full blast.

It was my defining moment… hoisting my a/c back into the window, cautiously plugging in the cord, and hoping with all my confidence that the machine would still turn on. And it did.

After you run your new landing pages side-by-side your original, my hope is you will soon see the success of your hard work. When that new landing page is outperforming the old, give yourself a pat and turn it on full blast.

Your job doesn’t stop there. I guarantee your landing page will need to be cleaned again. This Fall when I put my a/c away for Winter it will get a full inspection and cleaning prior to storing.

Do you have a landing page that needs to be cleaned?

Send us a link and we’ll check it out. It doesn’t take a full redesign, just a few tweaks by our optimization team. We’ll let you know exactly what you need.