This is Not Your Everyday Content Marketing Article

This is not your everyday, seen it before article about content marketing. Even I have been subject to writing those basic, redundant posts. This is different. First off, I put content in my title 3 times. What is my point? You can already see the nontraditional thinking. The nerve of this rookie, does he believe he can explain to the world why they are doing video marketing all wrong? Yes, I do.

First off, you should thank my coworker, our great designer Brent Delperdang, for starting this rant. He brought up an interesting question in our morning meeting last week. I get a little fired up because I have been trying to convince people for years that hosting video on your own site is the proper way to do it. It all started because he was wondering why videos hosted on third party sites like YouTube usually rank higher in search.

Companies Should Do More Video Content Hosted From Their Site

I think the more important question is why don’t more companies host videos on their own site? Even independent artists and professional musicians do it wrong. They don’t realize they are giving YouTube the ‘link juice.’ YouTube is doing it right. They built one of the biggest websites (and 2nd largest search engine) in the world using what? Video marketing genius! They are a perfect example of why you should be hosting the videos on your own site.

I’m different! Most marketers believe written content and infographics are the only pieces of content marketing. They treat video as a waste of time, like it has no potential to improve brand awareness because it lacks the written word. How do I know? Most marketers encourage you to host it on YouTube, Vimeo or other 3rd party sites and then embed into your blog.

I say, host it on your own website and share on your social media channels, except YouTube. Encourage your followers to share it on their social media, including their YouTube channel. See the difference? You get the original credit and link juice. I spent hours trying to explain it to local musicians at conferences, but they don’t listen and keep giving all of the traffic to the video sites rather than their own website.

Why Marketing Video Content Hosted From Your Site Improves Your Rankings. 

Every time you upload a video on YouTube, you give their website content. If 1 million people watch that video, YouTube gets most the credit. Remember, YouTube sells ads before your video starts, alongside your video and after your video is finished. Your video is making them money. There is a select group where doing it wrong is almost right, but even they should consider self-hosting.

A-list celebrities and other famous people have the benefit of already having a following. Chances are, if your videos are not unique and funny, you will be nothing more than another YouTube page. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re doing it all wrong.

Your YouTube video should not be the first result when someone types in your name or brand. What about your website where you sell merchandise or other products? People may never know about this site, because when they type your name in search, all they see is YouTube videos; before your own website, your articles, and your e-commerce site. Your site is not ranking, and you will not be generating any traffic, leads, or conversions in the process to help grow your brand.

So think about how to do it better. Create a page on your site and embed the video there. Choose some keywords, write details about the video, and watch how your brand grows in search engines. Let’s visualize this in action. How about a cupcake company? By now the naysayers are saying take away his job, you cannot use video to market a cupcake company. Challenge accepted!

Video Marketing For Cupcake Shops Part 1

The hard part! Convincing my client to create video recipes, minus the secrets and important ingredient. Next, take my videographer and have them create 30 seconds to 2:00 minute videos that we host on the shop’s blog every week or two. The blog post would have a description of the product and some of the main ingredients that go into making it. This is fresh content at it finest.

Not only will people read the content, they will watch the video, possibly share, and stay on the site longer. With the proper music and editing a digital marketing team can create interesting cupcake tutorials. Build some relevant backlinks from bakery sites and bloggers and before you know it, your pages are ranking. 

Video Marketing For Cupcake Shops Part II: Taking Your Brand National!

Now that the buzz is up, people know how amazing your products are. People have, seen, shared, and talked about your videos; it’s time for phase two. We encourage you to get proper packaging, extending the shelf life of your products. Next locate conferences, competitions, and events around cupcakes and we have you record everything. Create new video footage to continue growing your brand exposure. Before long, your website is ranking for key terms, your product is in stores, and your brand is opening up it’s first franchise. Not too bad for a 1 to 2 year video marketing campaign. I believe in this so much I am currently researching ideas and keywords for my next website project. The site will rely heavily on video marketing as the content driving force. I will be collecting data I so can hopefully prove this idea as more than theory in part two.