I could not have asked for a better morning pick-me-up than a giant cup of fresh brewed coffee and a new Adwords update!

During my dance of update-induced joy, I did spill some coffee on my pants. Totally worth it.

No notice was given, but I went into a client’s campaign this morning and went to change the date ranges and stumbled across this little gem:

In my exaltations, I shouted my discovery to the rooftop skylights only to be grumbled back “data nerds…”. I suppose an 8:30am shouting to the gods of paid search is perhaps inappropriate. Thanks, SEO Nerds. You’ve only had the ability to compare date ranges in Analytics since, I dont know, THE DAWN OF TIME. Taking your fast and easy data comparisons for granted. Pfffff….

Soooooooo I played with it a little bit.

One thing to note is that you should probably compare one metric at a time. I tried comparing two metrics for this month versus the previous period and that graph was a tad difficult to read.

So dig in, fellow data nerds. Enjoy your digging. I will continue my celebratory dancing silently until past noon so as to not incur the wrath of sleepy search nerds.

feeling a little sick…