Coke is already a serious player in the Social Media Game. As of March 2009 Coke has the second most popular page on Facebook. The fan base of over 3,000,000 Facebook users is second only to that of Obama’s page. Coke has been recognized time and time again for choosing social media marketing (voice of the people) to corporate bureaucracy and outdated traditional marketing efforts. Today Coke has gone one step further and solidified its commitment to social engagement.

Coke has open an “Office of Digital Communications and Social Media” Department. This new division will be part of the PR department and utilize resources from Coke’s traditional marketing departments, as well as legal, IT and Consumer Behavior. A recent spokesperson for Coke commented on the importance of directly engaging their target market through social channels and attributes the brand’s success to its strong social marketing presence.

With all eyes on Coca-Cola and the effects of this new department, Coke will have an opportunity to change the way companies market their products. Being an international leading in marketing i’m sure were going to see a long effect of other companies having a demand to build their brand into the social landscape and cultivate similar brand evangelists like Coke had done.