The headline of this post may seem a little mundane. Why would an experienced SEO professional working for a reputable digital marketing agency write about blogging? Hasn’t this been covered 1 millions time before? Well, I was surprised to learn businesses still do not realize how important it is and the ones who do blog, usually get it wrong, or could be doing it better. There are many uses for business blogging, but none of them are more important than the blog’s ability to turn your site into an online community.

What is an online community? It is a group of people online who gather to share information and ideas through the Internet. When thinking about online communities most people think of forums, not blogs. However, blogs, websites, instant messaging, and social media outlets are communities too. So, how and why should you turn your website into an online community? Simple! For the how, create a blog and encourage people to interact on it. Why? If people are engaged, they are more likely to return and buy products, or use your services.

Why Every Business Should Be Blogging

The reality is the exact opposite of what most business owners are thinking. If your business is online, you should be blogging. It does not matter if you are a Fortune 500 company, or small start up. The industrial manufacturer should be blogging the same as a local clothing boutique.

The only difference is in the message and products you are blogging about. No matter the industry, you should be sharing valuable information about your products, services, and events. You should also be making it more interesting with visual images and videos. To encourage engagement, leave the comments open and ask your audience to share. Concerned with spam? Use a CAPTCHA or make people register before posting.

When and What Your Business Should be Blogging About

Every business can, and should blog about new products services, technical processes, and company events. Add more information by responding to questions people ask. Also, don’t forget to promote conventions or workshops you will host or attend.

Everyone loves amazing visuals. The industrial company can show video of their technical processes, how to videos, and tutorials. Upload pictures and videos while at events to show all aspects of your business. Draw you audience in by showing them all you experiences. Take this same philosophy and apply it to an apparel company. Blog about new releases! Use behind the scenes footage of the artist drawing your new designs. Show new shirts and ideas coming out of production. Incorporate footage of conventions and fashion events you attend. All this activity encourages engagement and keeps your audience wanting more.

Change the look and feel with time-lapse videos. Show your brand from different angles and viewpoints. No matter the industry or project, the thinking is the same. Set up a blog and encourage people to stay active. You can post as much relevant information about your business as possible. When doing so, make sure the content is unique and fresh and you can’t go wrong.

The Benefits of Business Blogging

In closing, companies that consistently blog about their business and do it correctly, benefit from brand awareness and exposure. Their websites typically rank for more keywords and are found more often online. These same companies typically enjoy more traffic that stays longer and converts. The business blog can also help you build trust and authority for your website. When more people visit your site and consume your content, your company appears credible on your subject matter and ultimately; the content is valuable to your audience. These long-term affects are essential to the growth and sustainability of the business online.