What is Bootstrap? Released by Twitter, Bootstrap is the ultimate resource for aspiring web designers and developers. It is a front-end toolkit consisting of a large collection of CSS combined with the latest browser developing techniques to provide you with everything you need to develop your very-own website.  Packed with stylish typography, forms, tables, grids, buttons, navigation and so much more, it has everything!



Why bother? As stated on their website, Bootstrap is built with Less; which you can read more about it by clicking here.  By incorporating Less into Bootstrap, we end up with additional built-in features like mixins, operations, variables, nested declarations, and color functions. On top of that according to Mark Otto; creator of Bootstrap, we gain two extremely important benefits:

” First, Bootstrap remains very easy to implement; just drop it in your code and go. Compiling Less can be accomplished via Javascript, an unofficial Mac application, or via Node.js (read more about this at (http://lesscss.org).

Second, once complied, Bootstrap contains nothing but CSS, meaning there are no superfluous images, Flash, or Javascript. All that remains is simple and powerful CSS for your web development needs.”



Final Thoughts. All in all, if you’re looking to speed-up your development time Bootstrap is the way to go. Considering it is already optimized for mobile devices (i.e cell phones and iPads), many of the features you would incorporate in your website are already created for you, so what’s the point in re-inventing something that’s already there for you? What are your thoughts?