Inside The Octagon of Search Engine Marketing

Picture this, it’s Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada’s MGM Grand, and Dana White just gave you your first account. Bruce Buffer just announced to the 17,000 in attendance that, “It’s time!” Amongst those standing ringside in anticipation for what’s about to commence, millions are watching at home. You step inside the octagon and you can feel the cage door slowly closing behind you. Reality is setting in that this is the moment that you’ve been training for. Introductions have been made and as of right now you’re standing directly across from your account as Herb Dean asks you, “Are you ready to fight?” Now ask yourself, am I ready to fight?

Welcome to the world of Search Engine Marketing. Creating and executing a winning SEM strategy isn’t boxing. You can’t just have a solid standup game, southpaw stance, ferocious straight left jab, and still raise gold around your waist. You see, in this racket, old sport, like going against competitors in the UFC, your approach to training can’t be singular. Every account you encounter is going to be circumstantial and relatively different from the last. Each client is going to present you with a new series of challenges and the more victories you add to that title defense, the higher the expectations, and more competitive the opposition will become.

That’s why I’m telling you now, if you want a fighting chance in the world of SEM then you’re going to need more than just boxing gloves. You’re going to need more than just PPC. You see, what I want you to be is a hybrid. I want you to be a bionic athlete of advertising. What I really want, is for you to be able to call yourself a Mixed Marketing Artist. In order to earn this title, you need to grasp SEO, PPC, sprinkle in some design, train on coding and cohesively play them all to the delight of your audience.

Approaching the game in this new era of marketing with a singular approach is going to have you looking like a deer in the headlights. You need to become a master of movement. You have to reacclimatize yourself for the evolution, adapt to implement, and implement to execute effectively. If you want to be the best, you need to start feeling like it, and the best way to capture that emotion is to develop the skill set that will have you walking around like you deserve the belt.

So what does a Mixed Marketing Artist need?

To become a Mixed Marketing Artist, you need to be willing to accept the fact that everyday is either an opportunity to get better or to get worse; you can’t stay the same. You need to be willing to admit that being proficient in one aspect of your game isn’t going to disguise the weaknesses you have in the other facets. You need to be open to change, open to training, and open to implementation. I want you to be the same beast while being capable of becoming another animal. I want you to be able to hunt as a PPC Specialist, SEO Manager, and Social Media Strategist. Remember, in MMA, you need a standup game, a ground game, and a takedown defense. In SEM, each of these skill sets create synergy with one another, and proficiency in all, will turn you into the Mixed Marketing Artist you need to become to remain at the top of the food chain.

How can I become a Mixed Marketing Artist?

Well, ask yourself this, how does a fighter call themselves a mixed martial artist and join the UFC? They train! They set out with a clear vision and a clear purpose to earn themselves the respect it takes to call themselves a mixed martial artist. This involves constantly adding to their arsenal. This involves improving upon every aspect that was mentioned above. They find a gym, they find trainers, they find a team, and then they put in the work. That is exactly what you need to do right now.

With the power of the Internet, you can find your gym, your trainers, and your team, right now! With unlimited blogs, unlimited videos, unlimited forums, unlimited potential to make connections through social medial, and the infinite amount of opportunities to join a team, you can get to training for your title shot, that’s correct, you guessed it, right now.

Don’t wait for the moment to come to you, go capture the moment. If you’re strong in Paid Search, start training on your SEO. Read Moz, Annie Cushing’s Blog, and put yourself through PointBlank SEO Training. If you’re just a beast at link building, learn about conversion tracking, and then write a blog post. If all you do is pitch and write content start AdWords training, learn Facebook’s ad platform, and develop your social skills. If you struggle with understanding how sites even work, begin to pump iron with CodeAcademy.

Use each piece as if it were necessary for each to complete the bigger picture, you being the portrait and self development being the puzzle you’d love to solve.

So we’re back in the ring now. Dana White is ready. Bruce Buffer is ready. The fans are ready. Herb Dean is ready. Your clients are ready. Do you have what it takes to become a Mixed Marketing Artist? Do you have what it takes to get hit, fall, and get back up then keep moving forward? Do you have the desire to be the best? Do you want the gold? Can you now answer yourself with the question you asked before? Are you ready to fight?