Step one in Internet Marketing is to make sure your business is listed in search engine local business directories. Step two in Internet Marketing 101 is to make sure your website has proper “call to actions”. What is a call to action? It’s a graphic or line of text on your website that tells the viewer to do something. Below are a few common call to actions.

  • Buy Now!
  • Sign up for Our Newsletter
  • Request More Information
  • Contact Us Today

Call to actions are important because it prompts the user to do something. Take a look at your website. Does you home page direct the user? Do your product pages encourage someone to order or contact you for more information? Having the right call to actions can often make the difference between someone viewing your page and someone contacting you to do business.

Proper website design planning includes call to actions and where they will be placed within the website. It’s encouraged to place call to actions above the fold. You don’t want your call to actions buried at the bottom of the page. Another word of advice is to concentrate on one primary call to action per page.

There is no need to go over board. Moving images or blinking text is not the way to encourage viewers to move forward. Pop-up boxes are another tactic to avoid.

Use call to actions throughout your website and make sure the message is clear and consistent. Be sure to include a call to action at the end of your blogs or articles. It’s yet another chance to encourage a viewer to become a lead.

Mini contact forms are a great way to compliment a call to action. Small contact forms (shown here) are a great way for web viewers to ask questions about their specific needs.