I stumbled upon a website, www.colorsontheweb.com, that is dedicated to — you guessed it, color. In particular, the website focusses on colors related to the web. Not only does the site educate you on color theory, color physics, combining colors (how and why), but it has an extremely easy to use feature that lets you "spin" the color wheel to select three colors that go well together.  

What is color? Simply put, color is the way our eyes and brain interpret electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths between 350 and 750 nanometers. The image below of the color spectrum shows the range of 350 to 750 nanometers. To the extreme left, or less than 350 nanometers, is Ultra-Violet. Likewise, to the extreme right, or greater than 750 nanometer, is Infra-Red.      
Is a color just a color? No colors can evoke emotion, actions, thoughts, and more. Based on the colors you paint your office or the colors you select for your website we can determine the preconceived emotions and thoughts of visits. 

"Red is the color that provokes the most physiological responses. It has been shown that red causes the human heart beat and blood pressure to rise and to aid the interconnection of brain neurons. It has also been shown that people working in a red environment work faster, but they also make more mistakes. It increases restlessness and nervous tension. Also, red is commonly regarded to increase appetite.

Combining Colors

Combining colors can be difficult. Which colors go best together, which colors are best for a background and for contrasting text, which colors should be used to evoke a predetermined emotion? For the most part selecting colors that go well with each other is a personal preference. There are some guidelines that you can use when selecting colors but always select what looks good to you and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions. 


For more information on how to select colors for combined use please read this page: Combining Colors


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