Yep, it is YOUR turn to write the next company blog post. Ownership has sent down the mandate that everyone will participate. They aren’t sure why it’s necessary and they certainly won’t make the time to write their own post, but some SEO guru’s voice has been heard on the C-Level. Knowing that your paycheck is dependent upon the completion of this task you begin to ask yourself questions like…what should I write about, who is my audience, should I be serious or funny, how long should it be, and possibly the most critical question pertaining to the success or failure of the entire post, “WHY am I doing this again?” (Oh, that’s right, my paycheck).

We (WebTalent Marketing) are that “SEO guru” mentioned above that many employees of our clients have secretly cursed for filling their owner’s head with the virtues of blogging. BE ENCOURAGED, my nameless/faceless blogging friend, this post is for you as I, in typical blogging etiquette, casually and briefly address some of the “What, How, and Why’s.”

• Is a blog in the first place? It, quite simply, should be a clearly defined page within your company website that acts as your direct communication channel with prospects, clients, and employees. Not all of your target audiences can be addressed with each post so always keep in mind who you are writing to and make certain that message is appropriate to achieve the desired outcome.
• Should you write about? Write about your industry trends and happenings. Find industry related topics that are neglected, do a little research, and then write for the purpose of adding value. Write about company related events and happenings. This content is fuel for your social campaigns!

• Often should you post? As much as possible. 4 to 8 posts per month (not all coming that last week) is a good start. Some say, as often as you have something valuable to share. Don’t post for the sake of posting, and don’t wait until your company has “cured cancer” to share.
• Should I write? Again, this is somewhat dependent upon your topic and target audience but, in general, write in a way that is representative of your organization (or in a way you’d like your organization to be). Write in a clear and concise (500 words is good) way that promotes engagement with your audience. Shares, likes, reposts, and comments are all good indicators of your engagement. Don’t be afraid to show personality while allowing your expertise to shine through.

• Should I bother? Going back to the paycheck reason…your pay may be influenced by blogging. No, not in the sense that you keep your job if you do it, but rather the blog creates opportunities to generate additional revenue through sales as well as retention. It is a platform for your companies’ voice to reach the people contributing to or having the potential to impact your bottom line. Are you talking to them?
• Is it REALLY important? Ok, so the crux of this post is right here…It is REALLY important because the content you create for it is the best indicator to Google (and the others) that your door is open for business. Search engines love/demand fresh content in order to determine your relevance and to then consider your website more authoritative than your competition.

Would you like your company website to outrank your competitors and get more sales or inbound leads? Posting on your blog is a great way to show your expertise and engage with your audience in a non-salesy manner. We should know – you’re reading our blog right now!

Do have any concerns about investing time into your company blog? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll help you figure it out.