Advertising Tracking| Ad Tracking & Advertising Metrics

When your telephone rings do you know where the caller originated from? What campaign, what made them call and what is the probability they will purchase?

More than ever before, tracking advertising efforts has become incredibly important. In today’s economic times you do not have the ad budget to hope for the best. In general, advertising is very uncertain. You allocate funds where you *think* the best returns will be. However, you rarely know how many phone calls or website hits you receive from a single ad campaign.

New technology allows us to track our ad campaigns in a way that removes virtually ALL THE UNCERTAINTIES of advertising. If you know where your revenue is coming from you can better maximize the benefit from that ad campaign.

Imagine having a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign with 200 phrases. Your total budget is $1000 per month. You spend on average $4 per click and get about 250 clicks per month spread between 200 phrases. Currently you only know that the campaign gets clicks and brings traffic to your site – perhaps you track how many people submit email forms for more information. Ad Track allows you to accurately and effectively determine which of your 200 phrases are bringing the most phone calls that ultimately turn into sales.

After running the Ad Track system for a couple months you would have enough data to eliminate a portion of your 200 keyword list, freeing up more dollars for the phrases that produce sales. Imagine if your list went from 200 to 25 high producing phrases – you would now get almost 10 clicks per phrases (before you were getting 1.25 clicks per phrase). Where you were getting 1 phone call you could be getting 10.

What if you could track phone calls that originated from various Internet Marketing campaigns?

What if you could record the call to better anticipate and prepare for pre-sales questions, aid in sales training efforts and much more?

What if you knew 80% of calls from Google Organic lead to sales and 60% of calls from Google Pay-Per-Click lead to sales – or vice versa?

What if you knew phone book advertising only brings 10 calls per year and only 20% turn into sales?

Would this information change the way you spend your advertising budget?

We like to call it Advertising Accountability and Advertising Forensics.

The time is now to start strategically measuring the performance of virtually every advertising campaign you deploy.