As a newcomer not only to Web Talent, but also to the SEO world, I have been delving into the many facets of link building and search marketing. With all of its publicity, it was very hard not to be sucked into the social media world and how it is incorporated into the marketing realm. Social media proves to be the most persuasive of strategies when looking at how to reach your target audience. However, keeping up with the social media “flavor of the week” is never-ending.

One social media site in particular has been stealing headlines and traffic. Pinterest is a new form of social bookmarking modernizing how websites are bookmarked using pictures. Users can “pin” their favorite products, pictures, pets, etc. to different categories or thematic “boards” for others to follow. Photos can be “pinned” and “repined” and shared with all of your followers.


With all the hype surrounding Pinterest, it was only a matter of time before this social media platform was integrated into SEO strategies. As reported in a February article on Search Engine Watch, in January 2012, Pinterest accounted for more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit and YouTube combined! So it is only natural that businesses should be looking into ways to utilize this site.

Pinterest has several advantages for businesses and their online presence. Since users only “repin” pictures of things that interest them, your target market finds you! Businesses can “pin” all of their favorite company infographics and pictures to this site with a link in the picture back to their site. The best part…these links are followable! Branch out and follow people and they are likely to follow you and look at the content you have pinned to your board.


Be forewarned, this new craze is highly addictive. I can testify first hand because I too, along with 11 million other users, have joined Pinterest and cannot seem to stop pinning my favorite things! As a social media marketing company, it is only natural that Web Talent recently jumped on the bandwagon and joined Pinterest and we are quickly exploring all it has to offer.