Pinterest is a rapidly growing platform for marketers and users alike, especially for those in industries that rely heavily on imagery to convey their products to consumers. While creating boards and pinning content is an effective way to use Pinterest, utilizing Promoted Pins is an additional benefit to drive sales and conversions through the social platform. Follow our guide to creating your own Promoted Pins and you’ll begin to see some ROI from your pins in no time.

The What, Why, and How

What is a Promoted Pin: A Promoted Pin is an ad on Pinterest. These Pins are different from regular Pins because you pay to have them seen by your desired audience. They are differentiated from normal pins with a small piece of text reading “Promoted Pin” but are seen in stream with the users’ other pins.

Why Promote a Pin: Promoting a Pin is a great way to make your content stand out above all of the others and specifically target the audience you want to reach. When you create a Promoted Pin, it will be seen by more people than regular Pins will.

How do you Promote a Pin: Promoting a Pin is easy. This can be done by visiting Pinterest ads and logging in. Please note if your business is not currently eligible to sign up for Promoted Pins you can be placed on a waiting list for this. We suggest getting on this list if you have interest in the ad platform.

Setting up your Campaign

Choosing a Goal for the Promoted Pin
After logging in there will be an option to increase engagement with your Pin (this includes clicks and repins) or to drive traffic to your website. We often recommend driving traffic to your website in order to see the best results. This way you’ll be paying for that rather than people repining, which may not lead to a conversion.

campaign goal promoted pin

Setting up the Basic Campaign Information 
After this option is selected it is time to set up the basic information for the campaign such as the name, dates the campaign will run, and budget.

Selecting a Pin to Promote
After setting up the information for the campaign, Pinterest will prompt you to select the Pin to promote with this particular campaign. Deciding which Pin to promote depends on the goals of your business. There is an ability to select one of your highest performing Pins, lowest performing Pins or to create a new Pin for this campaign. Please note, there will be an option to review Pinterest’s guidelines for Pin content in regards to size, the photo etc.

pick promoted pin

Picking Target Terms for the Campaign
Next, it is time to pick target terms that are related to the Pin and are relevant to the product and industry of your company. Once you begin populating these terms into the campaign, Pinterest will make additional suggestions for related terms that may fit your goals as well. For example, if the Promoted Pin for your business is a woman’s dress, terms to target may be clothing, clothing for women, women’s clothing, women’s dresses, dresses for women, etc. Pinterest recommends having 20-30 terms for Promoted Pins. We also suggest looking into terms using the Pinterest search feature. This will help you get an idea of the types of pins in those categories as well as the volume coming through.

search pinterest terms

Choosing Additional Information Related to Your Audience
When all of the terms have been selected, move on to the next option of determining the details for the campaign. This information will include:
• The location for your Pin. Please note Pinterest automatically serves promoted Pins to everyone in the U.S. but there is an option to target the Pin to some large metropolitan areas.
• The language for the Pin
• What type of device you would like the Pin to appear on
• The gender you would like the Pin to be served to

adding details promoted pin

Selecting a Bid
One of the final steps in this process is selecting a bid for your Pin. Your bid will compete against those with similar Promoted Pins that are targeting your terms so it is important to choose a strong bid.

After selecting all of the options for promotion it is time to submit the Pin to the Pinterest dashboard. The Pin will be approved or denied and the campaign will run accordingly. Make sure to log in to Pinterest to monitor your campaign and see how it performs both during the campaign and when it is finished. Depending upon the success of your Promoted Pin you can choose to extend the campaign or promote another product instead. Questions? Pinterest breaks everything down for you in their guide about promoting a Pin.

Happy Pinning!