Even in this ever increasingly digital world, there are few replacements for the face-to-face interaction between individuals looking to do business together. You do not have the mystery of attempting to gauge facial expressions over the phone, the infamous dance of interruption/talk over one another because you do not know the other party is going to speak (and you have a point to get across), to the inevitable dropped line, not being in front of the other party brings a host of potential problems.

While shrinking in number, trade shows and conferences remain one of the best venues to be introduced to potential customers or clients. In the world of digital marketing, it is no different. There is Outdoor Retailer, IRCE, Intersect Retail, eTail, and a host of others on the trade show front, and the likes of SearchLove, SMX, MOZCON, Content Marketing World, and others on the conference side. Each one of these presents an opportunity to meet your next partner and make that sponsorship an ROI positive endeavor.

At Web Talent Marketing, we attend a great deal of trade shows; and with many of us come from corporate backgrounds, we have spent a great deal of time on the show floor.

During anyone’s experience at a conference or trade show, they are sure to interact with a unique kaleidoscope of personalities, all with varying agendas and quirks. This forces your booth staff or attendees to be a chameleon, adjusting to each and every personality type in a way that allows your organization the best chance to earn the business.

The organizations who are able to adapt and speak to that trade show personality in a way that resonates with them, but answers their questions, stands the best chance of earning a meeting post show.

We have categorized virtually every trade show attendee into eight distinct categories, and developed a whitepaper explaining what they are interested in, and what will help you earn their business. Fill out the form below to see the full whitepaper version. Enjoy and maybe we will see you on the road at the next conference.

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