It’s that time of year again, where everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions. While many people do not actually follow through with their resolutions, we have put together 6 resolutions that every digital marketer should try to keep all year long.

Go Back to the Basics

January is a great time to schedule 2017 marketing plan meetings and calls to revisit questions asked during initial kick off calls, such as, “What are your goals for 2017?” and “What is your budget for 2017?” However, these business planning questions shouldn’t be limited to a conversation that only happens in the first quarter. Make your first New Year’s Resolution to Get Back to the Basics last all of 2017 by setting reminders each quarter to ask broader business questions. This will help show the client you are listening to their wants and gives you a chance to reflect on where the client is at, with completing their goals for the year. Here are a couple questions that you can ask every quarter to make sure that you are in-tune with your client’s needs:

  • We currently have the budget for _ advertising at X and have been gaining X in return. Did you want to continue with this current budget for the next quarter, or do you want to talk about what would happen if we increase the budget?
  • Last quarter, we know your goal was to X. Did you still want to focus on that for the next 3 months, or did you want to switch gears and focus on X?

Think Outside the Box

During those 2017 Marketing Planning Meetings, there are a myriad of ideas being shared for how to attack 2017 and make it the best year yet! Although some clients might be completely onboard with the ideas, due to budget restraints, it may only be possible to move forward with a couple ideas. This year, don’t forget about those initial ideas that you had to make it the best year yet. It is easy to focus on the here and now tasks, but keep an open mind and think outside the box for areas of new opportunity. Don’t be afraid to revisit those ideas that were pitched at the beginning of the year or ask a client if they would be interested in trying out new tactics. Their budget may not have allowed for new initiatives at the beginning of the year, but they could be open to it later.

Think Mobile First

As you are probably aware, there has been a lot of focus on the indexing transition where Google will no longer be indexing desktop first and will be indexing mobile first. As clients learn of this change, it will likely become a hot topic in your client conversations at the beginning of the year. Not only can you explain how this Google update will affect your client, but you can make it part of your own routine to complete tasks with a mobile-first mindset. Consumers are acting on the basis that mobile comes first, so we as agencies should work to mirror that approach in our work. In 2017, make it a resolution to view all new initiatives whether they are web-related, SEO, or PPC with a mobile-first outlook.

Level Up with Certifications

This is likely one of the hardest resolutions of this list to continue through the whole year. In the digital marketing industry, it is important to keep our certifications up-to-date. Some certifications are yearly, others 18 months, so it is easy to get in a groove and simply get recertified in the same tools and software once they expire. For us as digital marketers to keep improving our craft, it is important to level up and learn a new skill or tool. Make it a point this year to not only get recertified in your existing certifications, but try adding 2 new certifications to your resume. Doing so, you will not only become more affluent with the current best practices and tools, but it will help you become a more well-rounded marketer.

Just Keep Reading

As a digital marketer, you know that tomorrow there will be something new announced. Whether it’s an algorithm update, a new function in Google AdWords, or a new spambot that is accessing websites and needs to be removed from Analytics – there is always something brewing. The best way to stay on top of the news and to show your clients that you are always in the know is to be in it as much as possible. I’m going to elude to Dory from Finding Nemo when I say, “Just Keep Reading, Just Keep Reading, Just Keep Reading, Reading, Reading.” Make it part of your routine to read up on something new. Whether you find a publication, blog, or podcast that you like, just keep reading.

Share the Knowledge

It is often said the best way to learn is to teach. As digital marketers, we can learn from our own personal client experiences and interactions, from the certifications we receive, and from reading publications, blogs, and listening to podcasts. Instead of just keeping this information to ourselves, make a point in 2017 to share this knowledge with your coworkers and with your clients. By sharing knowledge with our coworkers, we can help our agency improve as a team. By sharing knowledge with our clients, we can help to improve their understanding of digital marketing, and therefore help to improve the relationship.

There you have it, 6 Resolutions that Digital Marketers should keep all 2017 long. While it is usually easy at the beginning of the year to say that we will stick to our New Year’s resolution, we encourage you to try to uphold to these six ideas. They will not only help to make you a better digital marketer but they can also help to make your clients happier, which in the end is the ultimate goal.