Advertisers have spoken and Google has delivered.

Not only has the new “Enhanced Campaign” platform been made available to all accounts (a mandatory update to Enhanced Campaigns will take place on July 22nd), but Google is making it ever-increasingly possible to target users on desired demographics and interests. June 2013 was a landmark period for AdWord updates. We have put together a list of AdWord improvements that took place in this month alone:

1. Enhanced Sitelink Extensions

What it is: Additional descriptive text available for your sitelink extensions. Two lines of text per link totaling 70 descriptive characters in addition to your main ad text.
Why it’s Awesome: Real Estate. Your ad, when in top position, will take up more space, provide even more amazing information, and gives you additional opportunities to sell your fantastic product to a highly targeted and interested potential customer. This version of the enhanced sitelink extensions only applies to those in first position, so keep that in mind when choosing what areas of your business to push higher bids.

AdWords Enhanced Site Links

2. Enhanced Targeting for Brand Advertisers via Affinity Segments

What it is: Additional targeting options for advertisers in Google and Youtube to reach their target demographic.
Why it’s Awesome: Google provides 80 unique lifestyle segments based on interest categories and demographic information, and you can purchase these segments in the same way that you can purchase segments for advertising on television. For your long-standing clients that are familiar with traditional advertising, this will be a comforting transition from traditional to digital advertising.

3. New “Top Movers” Report

What is is: Google provides reports based on campaigns and ad groups that have made the most significant changes in clicks or cost.
Why it’s Awesome: Because sometimes during the course of optimization, you make a change and don’t realize where it is making its effect known. This provides you with a top-level view of your campaigns to help you focus your attention where it is needed most. Great from an agency or advertiser standpoint as a time saver!

AdWords Top Movers Report

4. AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

What it is: “Dynamic Remarketing” allows advertisers to target customers based on their past interests and product views on a company’s website. Although similar to standard Remarketing campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing has the added benefit of customized creative and a “Product Recommendation” feed which pairs shoppers with similar products.
Why it’s Awesome: If a customer was on your site yesterday and bought a HD television, they might now see ads for wall mounts. Or a customer that purchased a silver bracelet last week can now be shown ads for matching silver necklaces.

AdWords Dynamic Retargeting

5. Updated Auction Insights Report

What it is: Before June of 2013, AdWord managers could only see Auction Insight Reports for one Keyword at a time. This made it difficult to see a broad scope of competitors and your relation to their Ad Positions. The new-and-improved Auction Insights allows advertisers to see competitive reports for groups of Campaigns, Ad Groups and/or Keywords.
Why it’s Awesome: You can now see a top-level report of who your competitors are at different levels or groups of your campaign. Let’s say for instance you have an Ad Group of branded keywords – you can now see an overview of the other domains that are bidding on the same terms. This can be used to strategically plan your bids/positioning to compete directly with a specific domain.

6. Image Extensions for AdWords

What is is: Google just announced a beta launch of “Image Extensions” for advertisers, which allows for the addition of high quality, 640px by 360px images to show along ads without the use of a Google Merchant Center Account and Product Listing Ads.
Why it’s Awesome: Although we have yet to see Image Extension metrics in a variety of campaigns, our initial impression of these ads are optimistic.  Ads in the top positions should see an increase in user interaction with the use of these engaging visuals, however, it is uncertain how Conversion Rates will be affected across industries.

AdWords Image Extensions