Over the years AdWords has become more difficult to manage for small businesses. As Google adds more options, features, and settings people who aren’t in an AdWords account everyday are getting lost. However, Google has a feature in AdWords that can help people who don’t have time to manage their account daily. AdWords scripts are bits of JavaScript that can run automated tasks that will make account management much easier.

There are hundreds of free scripts online that can pretty much do any task a person can. While scripts are extremely useful and can save tons of man hours they are not a substitution for actual eyes on an account. With that in mind here are five easy to install scripts that can make managing an AdWords account a little lest daunting.

Account Monthly Budget Pause

The first script on our list is brought to us by Sean Dolan over at Pushfire. This script checks your monthly budget and will pause all campaigns if you hit your pre determined budget. This is extremely useful when accounts have small budgets or a rigid budget limit to stick to. The script will label and pause all your ads when you have reached your total specified spend amount, and will prevent you from over spending.


Link Checker

The second script comes to us from Google themselves. This script will crawl all of the links in your ads and look for broken pages, or pages that timeout before they are loaded. This script is a must have for all accounts. When an account has hundreds of ads it’s almost impossible to check all those links by hand every day. This script helps improve the user experience and ensure none of the clicks your PPC accounts are getting are going to waste.  Also the big reason to check links everyday is if you are sending clicks to pages that are broken you are essentially throwing money away since people can’t buy or take the action you want from a broken URL.


Pause or Enable Campaigns, Keywords or Ads On a Specific Date

Next a script made by Russell Savage from FreeAdWordsScripts.com.  This script works by using campaign labels with “Pause on” or “Enable on”. By using these labels, the script will run the function in the label on a specific date set in the script. Having this option is crucial for accounts that are running sales or limited time promotions. Most online promotion run until 11:59 PM on the last night, and rather than staying awake until 12 AM every time a promotion is going on you can run this script. This script is also great for running campaigns targeting sign ups or events.


Sale Countdown

Here we have another script from Google that is also relates to timed sales and promotions. This Sale Countdown script will countdown the days and hours until a sale will end. Having time limited deals can help entice users to make a purchase now rather than wait for a better price. This script with update your ads every hour so that potential buyers can see how long they have until a limited time offer is over. Doing this by hand would be painful trying to update all ads in a campaign every hour for several days.


Zero Impressions Alarm

Our last script is written by Catalyst Canada. This script will let all people added to the email list know that ads in your accounts aren’t getting any impressions. This is another must have script to have for any account. There are several reasons AdWords can stop running ads. Whether it’s a change in your payment method or an AdWords update that makes some of your setting obsolete your account can stop getting impressions. For most people running AdWords they don’t have time to check their account and if there is an issue it might be days until someone notices that ads aren’t running anymore. This script is a good idea to have since it acts like a fire alarm on the account. If you see the email telling you all impressions have stopped something is wrong. 

Bonus Round:

Account Summary Report

And we’re back at it again with the another AdWords Script from Google before we go. This script pulls data from your AdWords account and neatly puts the entire accounts metrics it into a Google spreadsheet. This script is really useful for showing data and trends in a much more digestible way than raw numbers. From the data sheet you can create graphs and charts to help show how a campaign has progressed over time. This is great for internal use, or when you need to show account numbers to a client.


AdWords scripts are an awesome tool and can jump start any account on the road to account automation. Scripts can’t replace a human just yet, so while you want to have several of these scripts running at once there are still things they will miss. Ultimately every account still needs a competent person managing them to find trends and make adjustments that results in strong positive ROI.