While a large portion of people equate new beginnings with New Year’s celebrations, there are many others that have long since finished school yet still consider fall a time of new starts and reflection. Our organization looks at September as a time to begin to define what we need to improve on within ourselves, as well as our team to achieve our goals. We have found several books to both inspire and guide us along this path of change.

1. Radical Candor

Our full leadership team has enjoyed the insights in Radical Candor by Kim Scott to enhance our relationship with our direct reports along with improving the efficiency of the team. With Kim’s history in the technology field, her stories have certainly captured our attention and her methods, while impactful, are very matter-of-fact.

2. Traction

Another title that was recommended to us is especially pertinent to any entrepreneurial business such as ours. Traction by Gino Wickman is based on a system built just for entrepreneurs and their teams to get more done. The main premise is to hold less internal meetings while consistently hitting your goals. As our company grows, the process of scaling and staying in good communication can be a time suck. This is exactly the issues Traction takes on head long. We are looking forward to increasing our internal efficiency by utilizing some of the key points in this resource.

3. Essentialism

Does your work day ever get taken over by others? Do you ever think too much of you is going in too many directions? Then Essentialism by Greg McKeown is a title for you. Using this title, and Traction in tandem we plan to get more done with less. Less email, less texts, less contact. With the time we gain, we will be able to think, to plan, to dream, to execute for the future of this business, effectively.

4. Finding Your Why

My last favorite of this fall is one I hope to share with many of our team that are in their first ten years of their careers. Simon Sinek’s best-seller Start with Why has a new companion called Finding Your Why by Simon Sinek, David Mead & Peter Docker. This guide was created from countless workshops based on Simon’s first title. It is a guide to finding out if you, or your organization’s why, matches your work. Fulfillment at work begins with knowing exactly why we do what we do. Often, we are reaching for the next role or responsibility without understanding if it really has meaning to you as a person. Simon and his fellow authors create a great stopping point to pause, reflect and maximize what you learn through the pages.

Check back in with us in the Spring! We will report back on our progress as we work together to better ourselves and our work, and perhaps have a few more recommendations.