It’s not always easy make the time for solid SEO optimization (let alone understanding what needs done anyway!). You’ve been there: your company is growing super fast, your lone IT guy is overburdened and your copywriter’s just trying to get descriptions for each one of your products. He’ll worry about images later. That being said, here are 3 super-easy to implement strategies that will instantly improve your long term SEO goals – and they won’t take you months to set up either.

1. Make A Fan Page on your Website

Links are the currency of the web – they’re a big part of what tells Google your site has value. But, you don’t have time to track down your biggest fans and ask them for a link. Why not make it easier for your biggest supporters – your customers, suppliers, employees’ Moms – to link to you all by themselves? Create a fan page loaded with html code for adding your logo, your product link, or some cool widgets or badges you’ve created to their website. You could even build a few copy and paste Facebook posts or Tweets. Check out what the folks at do. What a great way to set the table for links. If you build them – they will come – and they will link!

Math is Fun Links Page
Finding A Way To Link Couldn’t Be Easier!

Pro Tip

Use the link page as a way to educate customer service reps., salesmen, buyers, and other important touch points in your organization about the value of links so they can help direct people to this page as well. Place it in your footer and in your email templates. Try using a QR code in your store which goes to this page – maybe as a bag stuffer?



2. Call Yourself the Same Thing Online

Google exists in a world based on rules

Google’s pretty smart, but at the end of the day, much of what it does is still governed by computers, or as Morpheus says – set in a world based on rules. Google’s robots have neither the time nor the will to decide when two versions of a site’s brand are the same – and that spells bad news for you and your online visibility. First, take a breather – Google doesn’t really care about capitalization and it can handle basic symbols – it only gets confused when words, symbols and spaces change. Set brand standards – and make sure they include online display! Google loves brands – and they will reward you for keeping it consistent across the online world. The following 3 businesses are NOT the same in Google’s eyes.

Moe’s Online Bar & Grill

Moe’s Online Bar and Grill

Moe’s Online Bar N Grill

Pro Tip

Make your brand’s rules known to everyone in your company. This includes things like email signatures – leave no false representations of your brand where you can help it. Google, and your customers will thank you!

3. Make All Internal Site Links Point to the Same Homepage Address

Sounds simple enough right – you make sure that each link you have control over to your home page, is done in exactly the same way. You’d be surprised at how often this is missed. Now, to be sure, tools exist to help mitigate this problem after the fact – rel=”canonical”, redirects – but right now, you don’t have time for these. I simply ask that, if you follow the link structure of your website – you only land on one version of the homepage. What constitutes a different version of the homepage you may ask? Basically, if the web address is different. Here are a few versions you see a lot of –

Look at it this way, if you’re a postman – you want to deliver all of the mail to one address right? Even though the other 3 houses look the same, as far as Google’s concerned, there are other people living there. You want Google to make sure it delivers the Mail (AKA Link Cred) to the right address.

Pro Tip

If possible, use the homepage address most people link to already. Use a tool like Opensitexplorer to see how many links go to each version. Down the road, look to implement rel=“canonical” tags and redirects to prevent additional addresses from displaying at all.

If you guys have any questions or comments about this article, or just want to talk about SEO stuff – feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] I’ll respond to any questions directly in the comments below. Thanks for reading!