It’s almost Thanksgiving, and while we are excited for a short break from our work – we’re also thinking about the things we’re most thankful for in our lives.

Of course, friends, family, food, homes, jobs, and more are at the top of the list – but naming those gifts doesn’t stop there. It’s the little things that impact our daily life at Web Talent that we’re also giving thanks for.  These are the tools, plugins, and more that make our lives just a little bit easier.

Best Search Marketing Tools

  • The Moz toolset.  Fresh Web Explorer is great for finding mentions of a brand name where people aren’t linking to it. Followerwonk is also an awesome Moz tool that we use to find bloggers and influencers in different industries.
  • Hootsuite makes life a little easier for scheduling social media throughout the week and monitoring it. I especially love the Hootlet browser plugin that allows me to post anything webpage, article, picture, etc that I find and schedule it for the future.
  • Bing’s Customer Support – Unlike Google Local’s awful customer support (you can’t get anyone on the phone or online chat, and have to sort through millions of forums answers), Bing has the best Small Business/Local Support I’ve ever encountered.
  • White Board Friday. Okay, so some of us might have a little obsession with Moz – but seriously, White Board Friday is one of our favorite resources for learning new link-building tactics and staying current with the search marketing industry.
  • Check My Links Plugin for Google Chrome: it checks a page for broken links – a great resource for link building outreach, as well as a help to web developers.
  • Passpack: a fantastic tool we use at WTM for storing all password information for our tools, clients, and more.
  • Google+ Communities: For the times that we need other industry minds to weigh in on client issues, this is our go-to community. We’ve gotten a lot of great advice for other SEOs and digital marketers that would have taken us a significant amount of time to find the same information.
  • Trello: Many of us would be lost without Trello, a fantastic idea board for storing to-do lists, ideas, into “to do”, “doing” and “done” categories. You can also assign different people to different tasks and make sure that things are being taken care of.
  • Firebug: A great tool for web developers for “on-the-fly” (pun intended) editing to web code.
  • Netbeans: a great code editor for programming PHP, HTML, IS, CSS, and more.
  • Git: A fantastic revision control and source code management (SCM) system. It helps developers keep track of changes in the code.
  • This website lets us check how the site looks in different browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Perfect for building responsive websites.
  • Anytime the PPC team is doing research for new display campaigns, Google will provide lists of relevant blogs and sites where your ad can be placed, which is great – but the lists can be several hundred URLs at once. We love using to copy/paste a list of URLs, which will open each in its own browser window. It’s a great time-saver.
  • Built-With: An awesome tool that shows you what platform a website is built on. It’ll tell you any script, programming, technology needed for a site. This is a great tool when we’re working with clients who are less than tech-savvy.
  • Google Analytics: As much as we want to hate on Google for the frustration they cause us, Google Analytics is still the best way to get helpful information about client websites.
  • Topsy: Topsy & Social Mention are both great ways to track social chatter about a particular brand, product, or campaign that we’re managing for a client.
  • Majestic SEO’s Clique Hunter: At any given moment at Web Talent, someone is bound to be using MajesticSEO. Name your problem and Majestic can probably solve it. One of the features we particularly like is Clique Hunter – which allows you to put in different competitors to your website and then see a list of websites that you and your competitors have links on – and where you may be missing out on great links. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked well for every client, but it’s been a great link prospecting tool for others!

We appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making these tools because they make our lives so much easier.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

– The Web Talent Marketing team