Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog

Welcome! We’ve assembled a handy list of extensions, programs, and web applications to make life easier for you on the internet. The following are tools, websites, and general ideas that we generally employ in our day-to-day operations as an internet marketing agency.

SEO Tools

1. Screaming Frog — SEO Spider Tool great for crawling websites and identifying key issues related to architecture, usability, duplicate content, and more.
2. SEO for Chrome — Shows backlinks, pages indexed, traffic – all at a glance.
3. SEOmoz Toolbar – Shows on page elements, followed and no followed links, etc.
4. SEMrush Toolbar – Check PageRank, Alexa, Popularity Index, SEMRush Ranks, search engine view, and more.
5. WooRank Extension – An onsite analysis tool that pops up on the left side of your current page when you click the button in the FireFox toolbar. Super useful for identifying key issues and keyword focus, though it does require a membership after the free trial ends.
6. Wappalyzer – Adds icons in your address bar that tell you which types of applications the current site is using. Identifies the CMS, server type, analytics installation, and more.

Development Tools

7. Firebug — Allows you to view/modify the current webpage, including JavaScript and CSS. Great for testing/debugging.
8. Netbeans — Awesome editor for programmers
9. Filezilla — Great FTP client, both programmers and end users
10. Meld for Linux / Winmerge for Windows — Textfile comparison software, good to find new changes.
11. TeamViewer — Remote control / remote access to a computer. Great for troubleshooting.
12. Web Developer Toolbar — Gives you the ability to view websites with CSS, Images, JavaScript, and more disabled/enabled. Handy for testing for usability, crawl-ability, and more.

Productivity Tips

13. Load Firefox up with all your extensions and handy tools, while keeping Google Chrome light and as extension-free as possible. This way you’ll have a power-house of useful tools in one browser and a super light, fast browser for regular internet usage.
14. Use Google+ for getting industry updates at a glance. It’s like a Facebook feed, but with less nonsense in your way, because right now mostly professionals are using it! Can you say easy, readily available information??