How to set up weekly reports in Google Analytics

Measurement is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. Whether it is a print ad, TV spot, billboard, or radio spot, measurement is the most important element. Selected marketing campaigns are chosen based upon the expectation of desired metrics and for years, traditional marketing endeavors were unable… Keep Reading

How to Change Your Name and Preserve Your SEO

It’s wedding season and every weekend my Instagram blows up with picture-perfect moments of newlyweds and their unique hashtags. In the weeks following, I feel as if I’ve gained new Facebook friends when they start posting with their new last names. We’ve all had that moment when we had to… Keep Reading

The Good and the Bad of Shark Week 2014

It’s the 26th year Discovery Channel has run it’s annual “Shark Week” special, and interest has skyrocketed since the past year. Google Trends shows a huge increase in search traffic and more for just the term “Shark Week” – not taking into account any variations on the keyword phrase. Aided… Keep Reading

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