Web Talent Welcomes Two Interns

We moved last November, and we’re already having conversations about where to add the next desk. Stacked desks? Two to a cubicle? Should we renovate the basement storage and add some desks? (I hope not.) This summer we have the privilege of adding two interns to our team to help… Keep Reading

6 Brands Who Understand What Makes a Great Mobile App

Our phones are our gateway to the world. We customize our phones with cases that match our personality, backgrounds of our pets or favorite vacation memory, and fill our devices with apps and programs that enhance our overall mobile experience. Increasingly, brands are looking to enhance the consumer experience, as… Keep Reading

Teen Users Still “Like” Facebook!

Hi, I’m Facebook, remember me? Facebook is the social network for connecting with high school friends, remembering birthdays and detailing just about every major life event. Often viewed as the replacement for Myspace, Facebook has grown to become a piece of popular culture and has been embraced by all demographics… Keep Reading

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