The Good and the Bad of Shark Week 2014

It’s the 26th year Discovery Channel has run it’s annual “Shark Week” special, and interest has skyrocketed since the past year. Google Trends shows a huge increase in search traffic and more for just the term “Shark Week” – not taking into account any variations on the keyword phrase. Aided… Keep Reading

SpyFu Backlink Builder Review and Guide

Backlinks: Oh how we love thee Backlinks have always maintained superior importance for a search marketer in establishing a high ranking website, but these beautiful creatures has also received their share of criticism. From black-hat marketers gaming the system, to Google’s continuous hinting of their demise, the quest for backlinks… Keep Reading

5 Reasons You Need Content Marketing

I received a call from a business owner complaining about a vigilante trying to ruin his company’s reputation. He asked, “What am I supposed to do?” “Someone has been writing bad reviews, writing blog posts, and even created a page on his site with claims that I stole money from… Keep Reading

Google+ was Never Meant to be Only a Social Network

When Google released the invitation only beta of Google+, marketers across the world stood up and noticed. They were lining up to establish their profiles, develop a strategy and share relevant content. The allure was specifically driven at the potential SEO benefit associated with Google+’s affiliation to the search giant…. Keep Reading

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